What kind of blogger are you?

Choose the one that matches your thinking 🙂

1) My blog is my private space. I’ll put whatever I feel like. If you don’t like the contents, stop visiting it. I don’t care, if you have linked me or used to visit my blog very often.
2) I want to write whatever I feel like. But, I feel it might offend some of my friends who has linked me. So, I am forcing myself not express some my frank opinions in my blog.
3) That’s the reason, I write about Jayalalithaa and Karunanithi or about Technology and nothing personal.
4) I carefully choose topics that won’t hurt anyone.
5) I have lot more problems that to think about all these. I just write.
6) Write about quantum mechanics, general theory of relativity , what’ll happen when someone jumps inside a black hole and tell your theory about whether God exists or not- No issues at all – many people wont understand.
7) It’s my private space. I know, I can’t satisfy everyone. I’ll express all my opinions. But, I know where to stop.
8) Sometime, I write some of my opinions and then worry about it later – if I have hurt someone, what s/he’ll think about me etc.,
9) Whatever I write im my blog will never offend anyone. Full stop.
10) I never thought in this line at all.
11) Who cares….

We do what we do because of who we are. If we did otherwise, we would not be ourselves.
~ Dream

  • Chez

    >Well, i choose that dot-dot-dot option… after 12.. hehehe… Personally, the last line explains everything… “We do what we do… ” 🙂

  • Krish

    mmm…:) Thanks for ur comment!

  • Anbu

    >Anand wants dot dot dot after 12th but for me even dot dot dot in 12 will do…

  • Narayanan Venkitu

    >Not sure, but I think I am too close to No.7.

  • Krish

    hahaha…thx !

    I was worried if 11 options aren’t enough. Thanks u choose 7..atleast close to it..:)

  • Queenie

    >Come see.


  • Somu

    >DOn’t know yet… Still exploring what sort of a blogger I am… For now, i just use the space as a personal diary… jotting down what i had to go through for the day !!!

  • Somu

    >Btw, thanks a lot for blogrolling me :o)

  • Krish

    yup..i lil bit get what type u fit in…

    :).. thx for blogrolling me as well :))

  • Vijay

    >2,4,8 these things suits well for your blog Krish ! What ya say ? 😉

  • Prasad

    >I guess am the 1st category.. nono… might be 7th.. or 6th or even 10th… ah…. am confused..
    guess I’ll go on with 12th.. :))
    but, as long as i find enough time, i’ll blog… enjoy doing that.. taths all I know..

  • Krish

    🙂 ..u didn’t tell abt ur category…

    cool… that’s good.. enjoy!

  • Me

    >good one !!!

    me 7

  • Saranya Kishore

    >7 or 1 for me 🙂
    First tiem here. Nice spot u have 🙂

  • Krish

    Thanks for choosing an option below 12 :))

    Thx for ur frank answer 🙂
    Thx for visting….

  • Art

    First time in ur blog. Nice one.
    Well i dont know which number to choose. But what i write would be situation dependent. Sometimes i feel i should write what i feel. After all its my blog 🙂 But sometimes, i think about people reading it.

  • nksenthil

    >I guess by going with the given options..

    I am [ (1 + 3) * 11 ] + 12 == nksenthil.blogspot.com !

    * – more wtage.

    I guess this is a good initative (BLOG) to get a comment( tempted to give comment) even from any known blogger who accidently visits too :))

  • Krish

    Thanks for visting 🙂 and for the comment…!

    mathematics..huh… u found the trick :)!

  • Deepthi

    >I think option 5 suits me.
    Thanks for adding my blog’s link to yours 🙂

  • Krish

    Option 5!… oh u poor gal… have some trusting friend and talk abt ur problem 🙂
    take care!

  • J

    >me #2, #7, #8, #9. intha 4 options’la onu thaan kandipaa. ennala yaarum kashtapada vendaamnu eppavum paathupen and so do these options :))

  • Krish

    naanum almost same category 🙂 #2 konjam adhigam 🙂

    Thx for taking time to read all these ..I am happy 🙂