What kind of blogger are you?

Choose the one that matches your thinking 🙂

1) My blog is my private space. I’ll put whatever I feel like. If you don’t like the contents, stop visiting it. I don’t care, if you have linked me or used to visit my blog very often.
2) I want to write whatever I feel like. But, I feel it might offend some of my friends who has linked me. So, I am forcing myself not express some my frank opinions in my blog.
3) That’s the reason, I write about Jayalalithaa and Karunanithi or about Technology and nothing personal.
4) I carefully choose topics that won’t hurt anyone.
5) I have lot more problems that to think about all these. I just write.
6) Write about quantum mechanics, general theory of relativity , what’ll happen when someone jumps inside a black hole and tell your theory about whether God exists or not- No issues at all – many people wont understand.
7) It’s my private space. I know, I can’t satisfy everyone. I’ll express all my opinions. But, I know where to stop.
8) Sometime, I write some of my opinions and then worry about it later – if I have hurt someone, what s/he’ll think about me etc.,
9) Whatever I write im my blog will never offend anyone. Full stop.
10) I never thought in this line at all.
11) Who cares….

We do what we do because of who we are. If we did otherwise, we would not be ourselves.
~ Dream