Bought MP3 player: Creative Zen touch 20GB

My Creative Zen Touch 20GB

iPod users are “thieves” – Microsoft’s Ballmer(October 2004)

About six month back, when I read about iPod, I wanted to own one. I said my friends, I’ll buy it if I get an onsite opprtunity. It’s time to act!
When I first saw the iPod photo it in the store, I wanted to buy it right away -wow! it looked sexy. I restrained myself and went back home, read reviews about iPod and other related MP3 players from the competetors. ( iPod photo,iPod,iRiver,Creative..)

Finally bought “Creative Zen Touch 20GB” from the worlds biggest marketplace.

– Though Zen touch is bulky, it has 24hrs playback time compared to 12hrs in iPod!
– Creative claims 97dB S/N ratio- one of the main factors in sound quality. But, Apple keeps it as a secret ( sounds fishy ??). Looks like they want to go with the hype they have got. After some googling( and with my intuition ), I felt, Creative should be as good as the iPod, if not better.
– Cost is slightly less than iPod 20GB.
– I like the Zen touch pad.
– Ballmer said, iPod users are thieves 🙂

It sounds great and I like it . But, it doesn’t include FM and voice recorder by default.

Anyway, if you are thinking of buying one – don’t forget the cult status of iPod 🙂
After all : Idhu oru iPod kaalam!

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