India and the nerd world..

I was going through the /. headlines and found a news item titled “Indian Government Keen on Open Source“. Nowadays, some news item related India is discussed over there. I read the comments in it to see their knowledge/assumptions about India. It’ll be interesting to see their amusement and sarcastic comments(mostly due to their lack of knowledge) 🙂

User1: Holy crap, just how many languages exactly does a country need! I know its a big place but 22! It must require 95% of all IT resources just to localise software. How do they manage to find time for offshore work?

User 2: Those 22 languages (AFAIK, there are only 18 official languages, but maybe this has changed recently) are the ones spoken by at least one million people.

There are many other “minor” languages spoken by other people.

Mind you, these are not dialects. These are full-blown unique languages with unique written scripts (however, many of them do share common traits).

It is amazing how we are able to maintain a democracy, let alone a country.

Always, u can find comments like these as well:

Shouldn’t India be worrying about more important things like reducing the population, and feeding it? Computers, and even moreso such specific things like what development model is used for software, are so trivial when compared with war and starvation.

Favorate joke about Indians:
In India, there are 1.1 billion people.
So when somebody in India says “You’re one in a million”, there are 1,100 people out there just like you.

Then, I saw a news in some tech feed:
Survey: US residents addicted to e-mail

After seeing it, I opened my Gmail accout to see if i have got any mail! Does that mean, I am addicted to email??