Great Weekend!

Livermore TempleMontery BayMonteryMontery Bay
MonteryMontery Bay

Last weekend, met my college friends Nep and PSK.
– Went to many places including Livermore Temple and Montery Bay.
– Had good food 🙂
– Took lot of pictures.
– Had loads of fun, that I totally forgot the blog world!

Have posted some pictures for your viewing pleasure 🙂
Special thanks for PSK for his car !!!

“Books and cleverness! There are more important things – friendship and bravery!”
~ Hermione Granger ( Harry Potter and Sorceror’s stone )

  • Somu

    >Nice pics. Have never seen a temple with a fleet of cars neatly parked outside, lush green grass and no crowd. :o)

    The Silhouette of the Tree has come out the PC Sriram way.

  • Chez

    >You too stuck by Harry potter?? Great. 🙂

    And the photos are great. Means.. Really Great. 🙂

  • Krish

    hahaha.. here i see more cars than humans :), not just this place.
    Thanks man – Aana PC Sriram paavam !

    Harry potter not that craze.. but I like it 🙂

    Thanks for the comments!

  • Akruti

    >Beautiful pictures krish:)

  • Nep

    >Thanks for posting it. I was waiting for the post hahaha. Btw, where is your photo, the one u took urself 🙂

  • Krish

    Thanks 🙂

    mmm… i wanted people appreciate the photos :))

  • Ram.C

    >nice photographs…

  • Narayanan Venkitu

    >Fantastic pictures, you have good photo sense I feel.

    Monterey area is so beautiful isn’t it. I am a member in the Aquarium. We all love it. I also like the Richie-Rich Park. ( The creator of Richie-Rich lived in Monterey – If you didn’t know this).

    I like the picture of the Oak trees.

  • Krish

    Thank you!

    Yes. Montery a very beautiful place. Thanks for the comments and the info 🙂

  • Anbu

    >Great pics Krish. Seems you had a great time.

  • Prasad

    >nice pics… seems ur having a great time.. ensoiiiiii… 🙂

  • Me

    >good to see that u had fun….seri indha weekend enga??

  • Krish

    yes..i had a great time! Thanks 🙂

    Thanks….weekend blogger 🙂

  • J

    >Hey Krish, wonderful places !! kannuku orae kulumaya iruku ! Cool, antha place azhagu kedama photovum eduthu irukeengha. Good 🙂

  • Smyta


    Wonderful picts…That black and white pict is the best of all…Photoedit it to remove the presence of humans in it…

    Makes me feel like this,

    “When I willfully wither and try to dry
    Why these passing-by clouds stop and cry”

    Celebrate Life etc.,


  • Krish

    Nanri. Nera pakkumpothu innum nalla irukkum 🙂

    Thnaks! Since I was shooting casually, i didn’t care abt the humans.

    Thanks for the Beutiful lines 🙂