Morning Time pass…

Daily we( my friend and I ) walk down to the bldg-24 to catch a office shuttle to our building-D. We’ll make the phone call for the service and wait in the reception.

Whenever a person enters that building the lobby ambassador used to wish everyone.

It goes something as follows:

LA: Good morning! How r u? Or Hi! How r u doing?
Emp: yeah. Fine. How abt u…

The receptionist wishes everyone without raising her head ( she ‘ll be doing something else ) and the employees replying to the door they enter 🙂

Boy… She never gets bored of telling this.. She wishes everyone with the same sweet tone… Anyway, I like to watch everybody’s response :))

Ready made wishes and ready made responses – everywhere in this place . In one angle this is better than what we used to do. We used to smile or wish only people whom we know. Here, we don’t see that discrimination, though it looks aftificial.

What do you think?


A person who is nice to you, but rude to the waiter, is not a nice person.
~Dave Barry, “Things That It Took Me 50 Years to Learn”

  • Narayanan Venkitu

    >A couple weeks back I wanted to write about this.

    I went to the break room. A co-worker asked me ‘How are you?’. I said ‘I am fine and you?’…turned back..and he was gone.!!

    All Formalities.!! I remembered the Budweiser ad a couple years back when a guy sits in a bar in Texas. Someone asks him how he was..and he starts a big Raamayana.!

  • Krish

    >hahaha.. world of formalities :))

  • Smyta


    Lip Sympathies are all over the place abroad…But then nothing beats to Indian workplaces where you start with a Hi..How are you? and end up rambling from rains spoiling your dried up clothes last evening to the worst political move in Bihar to Prince Charles wedding and not to forget that silly colleague’s daughter’s marks in 12th std. exams:p


    Smiles etc.,


  • Mithuna

    >if that is barbara in 24th bldg, feel thankful that she didnt ask anything else about India 🙂

  • Nth Dimension

    >Psychological symbolism.

    The greetings maybe artificial, maybe forced, maybe lip service, but hey, whatever works to break the ice.

    Its infinitely better than a blank stare or sitting like a mannequin.

  • Krish

    yep..that’s the beauty of India. When talk to some person or say just a Hi- we really mean it and we talk abt. everything unders the sun – as u described some 🙂

    Oh!..u still remember her name..great 🙂

  • Krish

    >@Nth Dimension:

    Yes. I was thinking something in this line. I like this term ” Psychological symbolism” . Though I know these people say this saftificially, it still feels good to see a stranger smil at you and say a “Hi”.

    As you said -//Its infinitely better than a blank stare or sitting like a mannequin.// I agree !

    Anyway, in india, if we smile at our colleagues and if they don’t reciprocate ( many won’t ), we feel bad and never smile after that..

    Here, almost everyone reciprocates with a smile. So it’s easy to follow …

  • Kangs(கங்கா)

    >ha ha 🙂 it happens..
    Over a period of time, you will get used to it..

    After a while, whether you know or not you will ask him, “Hi.. how are you?”.. Not even wait for his response.. walk.. if he says something.. you’ll get it..

  • Krish

    Already I have that effect 🙂