Happy Birthday Blog…

Dear Blog,

A year back(June 10,2004), I created you with a “Hello World” Post. Many thanks to Sudhir for the inspiration !

Then, I completely ignored you for months.

From October, slowly started posting something like news and some of my thoughts. Once in a while people came here and left comment for some of the posts.

Later ( Jan 2005), I found the true pleasure by visting other blogs. It was good feeling to know many people – their thoughts and emotions.
Then, you saw people visting you :
– Some people visited you just to reciprocate: of course everyone has different taste and limitations.
– Some really wanted to read what I write(scribble??) . I’ll continue to write for those kind souls 🙂
– Some read without commenting
– Some took time to comment
– Some linked me

I have tried so many templates offerred by blogger and some free ones available on the net changed your look many times !

Then, you saw me fully getting addicted to the blogdom. One day, at midnight 1:30am, I wrote the i-me-myself post in an attempt to describe me 🙂 .

I have shared my nightmares and some of my interests through you.

Though I loved getting comments, later discovered the true joy found via “invisible threads” and “sympathetic fibers” – those human connections made along the way. I have got very good friends through you – made difference to my thinking and even I got rid of some of my inhibitions. Though I had lot of confusions at times, I had lot of new learnings as well!

Also, you have seen me clearing my doubts and confusions by questioning your visitors 🙂

At times, I wanted to ignore you and run away from blogdom… which I couldn’t !

I wish you a happy 1st B’day!!! And I hope, I would continue to share my thoughts to the world through you.

I take this opportuniny to thank:

  • all past, present and future bloggers
  • who found this blog to be funny, technical, philosophical, intellectual, informative, childish or insane 🙂
  • whom I have met/will meet / have personal contact / have touch only through blogs and all the silent readers….and everyone else.
Thank you very much for making a difference to my thinking ! It was a wonderful experience for me. If I have hurt you, in this process by any chance, please excuse me.

with luv,
It’s me

PS: Created the post on on 5th June as I’ll be busy during this week days.
I’ll meet you all from Chennai(the Comfort Zone) from 13th June ….

Update: Please, no comments on the lines ” hahaha … what a silly fellow to celebrate his blog’s b’day :)”.


“Some people say they haven’t yet found themselves. But the self is not something one finds; it is something one creates.”
~Thomas Szasz