Deccan Chronicle

We have subscribed to “The Hindu”. But, for the past two days I woke up to find “Deccan Chronicle” instead of Hindu :). Today, there was a pamphlet attached saying, ” The Hindu” has been cheating people for these days, by collecting around Rs100/- per month. We want to bring down the price to Rs30/- p.m. Please support us 🙂 . Should be a trick played by the distributors to get more commission ??

Since, I just read the headline most of the days :), I don’t find any problem in continuing with DC. It looks decent and has variety as well. And the price is just Re 1/- !

Yesterday’s DC supplement had a section called “Blogger’s Park”. I was really happy to find the blog post of Sangeeta in that section. Good to see a fellow blog friend’s blog post appearing there 🙂