6 years 4 friends and a Aiwa 14" color TV

Beware: This not one of the usual posts… it is my attempt to capture some moments in my Chennai life (last 6 years). I just wanted to record it…. (I can’t call it – the best moments)

July 14th 2005, I am completing 6 years of life in Chennai pattinam πŸ™‚
There is lot to write, but, I am going to limit it to my roommates and the places we lived…

Friends: We four of us from same college PEC.
Abdul Malick – Gold medalist and Karaikal guy !
Rupesh – The techie from Mahe- Kerala
Valli – The nerd from Podicherry
Myself – heheheeheehe πŸ™‚

1999-1999: West Saidapet

We reted a house at West Saidapet. Thanks to Malick. He was the one who had some contacts. Commuted to office by rail ( Valli and I ) Saidapet to Nungambakkam. We never found the reason why the ticket checkers always asked for our tickets/pass in the 1st class compartment πŸ™‚
( In 1st class you’ll have breathing space .. that’s the only difference )

We had water problems. Hopeless water and after sometime the drainage was coming in the tap. Rupesh got Typhoid ( paavam avan ). The doctor next to our house became our friend . He put typhoid vaccines for rest of us and adviced us to take Hepatitis – B vaccine. We said we’ll come back a week after. The next week we vacated the house and moved to…..

1999-2002: West mambalam
Have u seen the movie “Amarkalam” starring Ajit and Shalini? We lived next to the theatre( Srinivasa) they show in that movie. In some of the shots, u can find that house.
During this period we 4 of us went for a movie in the Srinivasa Theatre – only movie we 4 of us watched together ! But it was a hopeless Satyaraj move…so what… :). It is a significant achievement.

If u started reading this post to find out what is the significance of Aiwa TV – here come the details:
On Jan 1st 2000 – we bought Aiwa 14 inch color TV in Vasanth and Co Puthaandu sale!
It costed around 7200/-. Dont forget to read till the end to find the status of that TV πŸ™‚

Again, the usual water problems. Since, water was not coming for a week, we forgot to close one of the tap. One fine Saturday afternoon, when we came back from Lunch, we found water coming from our door!!! Seems, they have pumped the water bought in Lorry. There was some blockage in our wash basin. The water started flowing out through the door. With the angry people around… the rest is history.

Time to move to…
2002-2004: Nungambakkam
This is house of Malick’s colleague friend. No water problem at all. Here the water was very clear and had the privilege of 24/7 supply unlike other tenants.
Then, Malick got married and moved out. Ippadhan avan marriagela biriyani saptadhu pola irukku.

Then Rupesh moved to B’lore. I miss those days we used to talk about history, SchrΓΆdinger’s cat,Bhagvad Geeta, people, black holes and what not…
our morning jogging attempt at the nearby Tennis stadium, which lasted for just one week πŸ™‚
Now, he got married and settled in b’lore.

Only Valli and I were left… Since, the Nungambakkam house was very big for two of us, we moved to…

2004- Till date – Arumbakkam:
Valli – the silent guy. I am the only person who has made him lose temper. I just wanted to find out if I can provoke him. Orudhadathaan try pannen, adhukkappuram pannala :). Half the number of Science fictions in Landmark is in his library. Red mars,Blue mars, green mars, Foundation, Rendezvous with Rama ….Rama revealed….the list goes on…and also books in other categories.
He’ll finish of the books I buy during the time he dries his hair after bathing :). It just takes one week for him to finish a book in that gap !!!

Though, I consider myself a little knowledgeable person, I go blank when he talks about things he read :(.

Recently, he moved out to stay with his brother. Hey Valli! ..how is Boston lifeda??

Now I have got new Roommates. I’ll write about them later…

Let me come to the Aiwa TV. We shared the expense when we bought it. Each person’s share was not paid to people when they moved out ( unwritten rule πŸ™‚ ). Malick, Rupesh and now Valli….So, now the owner is… :))))

I miss you all guys……..

If you make people think they’re thinking, they’ll love you; but if you really make them think, they’ll hate you.
~Donald Robert Perry Marquis

  • Krish

    >mmm πŸ™‚

  • Anonymous

    >When four were the owners of the TV I couldn’t get the control of the remote from you … now you are the only owner.. is it possible to atleast watch the TV programms ;)?

  • Anbu

    >Great to know ur frnds and life…
    BTW when is ur marriage??

  • Nep

    >hey machi..i know you lived with great people πŸ™‚ and this note just says that.. in history ur name will come da.. :))))

    malick is a proud father now, valli and you are the first guys to join HCL and still sticking to it. People like me… came and left… get married soon… and don’t expect a marriage gift from ur old roomies.. πŸ˜‰ the TV is urs now… hahaha.. take care da.

  • Kars !

    >whats up those 3 roomies of urs? dont say they got married or became dads, real updates kudu man :-). ifever u get to meet mr.malick, convey my regards to him πŸ™‚


  • J

    >Nice reminiscence ! Lovely post, Krishna πŸ™‚

    Congratulations to you, on completing 6 years of life in Chennai πŸ™‚

  • Krish

    Who r u ? En pugazh parapugirai πŸ™‚

    Thx! Marriage – soon..i’ll send u invitation πŸ™‚

  • Krish

    Yesda… i am privilged to live with those great people…. i am proud!!!

    Avanuvo en marriageku vandhaale periya gift :))..i don’t need anything from them…

    u know malick is staying within 50miles circle from ur house..see ur mail for details…

  • Krish

    Thanks! I enjoyed those 6 years πŸ™‚

  • Prasad

    >nice recollection… πŸ™‚
    its great to live with friends isn’t it..
    the places i lived in my 2 yrs stay in Chennai are Mylapore and Velachery…
    and my friends r still living thr in Velachery…

  • Akruti

    >Without friends life seems so very empty,u have had a great time with them all and now the memories which make u smile:) isnt it why they say “LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL”

  • Me

    >long term planning pol irukku….i thot i commented on this post long time back….dont know how i missed it…..

    so u now madras vaasi??

  • Adaengappa !!

    >Adengappa !!Quite interesting !!

  • Chez

    >Ur post brought me memories of my stay in Mambalam b4 coming to Aus..

    even as time passes by.. those old TVs stand forever.. our family being a proud owner of the Dyanora TV (Apparently it was one of the first Tvs to come with a remote!)for 17 yrs and counting till date.. i can only say.. The TVs bear more of our memories than anything else in our lives..

  • Twin-Gemini

    >Sorry have missed a lot of your posts! So, you back in Madras, is it?

  • Twin-Gemini

    >Sorry have missed a lot of your posts! So, you back in Madras, is it?

  • ΰ΄œΰ΅‹ΰ΄Έΰ΄Ώ ഡࡼകࡍകി

    Nice narration. I have stayed in Chennai for 6 years … Mambalam (behind Ayodhya Mandapam), Ashok Nager (Manthope Colony), Vadapalani (Sathya Gardens) Very nice place … Really enjoyed life @ Chennai as a bachelor boy. I still remember the Srinivasa Theatre what you have discussed. Its really a nostalgic place… we used to travel in front of that theatre to cross to T Nager area.