Diary entry: 05 Sep 2005

Went to Thiruchengodu for PEC Bala’s marriage( with Mani and Arud) . Met friends Praburam, Thirumal after a long time. Swami,Saranath were also there.
Had a good time with friends.


After attending marriage, went to Ardhanaareeswarar temple. Then back home 🙂


Trouble is part of your life, and if you don’t share it, you don’t give the person who loves you enough chance to love you enough.
~Dinah Shore

  • ekantha

    >If you like rooms that echoe, is it that you like hearing your own voice and sounds being enhanced and elaborated upon? Is it that you are curious to hear what you sound like to the rest of the world and to have your sentiments communicated. Do you seek or feel some sort of response in the sound that continues and repeats itself? Is there something profound to be recovered/retained/remembered collectively?

  • Prasad

    >hey.. good to see u back..
    btb, u look cool in tht childhood foto 🙂
    take care..

  • Saranya Kishore

    >hullllo krish
    Hope u r feeling better with your illness. And u look so sweet in the 8 month old pic .:)

  • J

    >mmm nalla oor suthareenghala mmhhmmm enjoy enjoy 🙂