Rambling thoughts….

Once I said, I got addicted to blogosphere! No more!

Nowadays, I am forgetting the blog world. I am neither posting regularly nor responding to the comments posted on the blog. But, I read the blogs listed on the right side – using news aggregator. Once in a while, I am commenting on these blogs.

One of my friend – Senthil, used to say:
Good habits are called so b’cos you can easily give it up – exercise, yoga, speaking truth etc., On the other hand, bad habits are addictive – you can’t give up so easily.

May be writing blogs and commenting is a good habit. OK ok, enough of this topic 🙂

AoE series is my favorite strategy game, I ever played. I have been playing this for the past 6 years.
I downloaded Age of Empires III demo and tried it. First take: Not impressed with this version. Probably, I expected something more! But, graphics is great.

Some news:
1. Opera finally gave away. Now the free version is ad-free
2. Google Print Faces Legal Challenges – I hate this.

  • Me

    >i am a big aoe fan but i haven’t played it for last 2 yrs 🙁

  • Krish

    >Hi me,

    Nowadays, even I am not getting time to play this game. I play once ina while 🙂


  • Somu

    >Hey Krish, despite your losing your addiction for blogging, you seem to be a regular visitor to my blog. Guess I should thank ya for that.

    Btw, I was struck by blog addiction too a while back. But these days, there is absolutely no compulsion to make a post. I do it only when I have something to say :o)

  • thangoogle

    >Yes, i like this game, but the best is civIII

  • Krish

    :). Probably u write posts that is easy to comment 🙂

    Yep. There might be lot other good games. No time to try those!

  • Kars !

    >reg aoe3:
    i guess demo had little of what the final version is to look like. but where the game really shines is (at least for me) is the online play. i love playing aok:conq on the zone, its kick ass, single player AI sux. ya i agree, it seems to have more graphical touches rather than any major game improvements.
    try playing command n conquer,warcraft 3, rome-totalwar dude,its different n kewl at the same time.


  • Krish

    Yep. Multiplayer games are great! 3 years back we( Nep, Tan and Co ) used to play the network game at office 🙂

    We team up and played with passion and vigor…. I really cherish those days ! We used to finish of the game in 1 hour after we got used to it!

    Many of them changed jobs…and due to other reasons…. didn’t get chance to play multiplayer games…

    I tried internet game from my 64kbps broadband ( That’s the state here )…. couldn’t connect as they have put us in NAT.

    OK..I’ll try the games u specified.

  • Sri

    >I saw your baby Picture it was very cute. I like the additional touches to your picture that your sister made. Why did you not become an astronomer? I like your galaxy picture.

  • Krish

    Thanks Sri for your comments 🙂
    Yes, Now I am a happy Software Engineer. Astronomy is just one of my hobby. I own a telescope !

  • Anonymous

    >dei kichi kichi kicha,
    variya da AOE matchkkku… 6 years enna katha udriya ?
    maranthuttiya.. unna matchukku koopitta talai valikuthuntu veetukku odviyae ? enna katha udrae…
    naaan un blogaaa watch pannikittu thaan irukken !

    Pichiduven pichi !

    – The same guy who challenged in the first year ( The challenge ofcourse was who will pass all the papers 🙂 )