Rambling thoughts….

Once I said, I got addicted to blogosphere! No more!

Nowadays, I am forgetting the blog world. I am neither posting regularly nor responding to the comments posted on the blog. But, I read the blogs listed on the right side – using news aggregator. Once in a while, I am commenting on these blogs.

One of my friend – Senthil, used to say:
Good habits are called so b’cos you can easily give it up – exercise, yoga, speaking truth etc., On the other hand, bad habits are addictive – you can’t give up so easily.

May be writing blogs and commenting is a good habit. OK ok, enough of this topic 🙂

AoE series is my favorite strategy game, I ever played. I have been playing this for the past 6 years.
I downloaded Age of Empires III demo and tried it. First take: Not impressed with this version. Probably, I expected something more! But, graphics is great.

Some news:
1. Opera finally gave away. Now the free version is ad-free
2. Google Print Faces Legal Challenges – I hate this.