Having girl friends : a bad habit?

I saw this note in a matrimony profile of a girl. I couldn’t resist posting it:

NOTE: person who is going to marry me he should not have any badhabits(smoke,drink,any grilfriends) THANKYOU

I feel, it is right to say that the person should not have any girl friends. Adding it in the list list of bad habits is interesting 🙂

  • Jay !!!

    >Apadinaa…Ponnu thedura Velaiyaa aarambichittannuu solluu..

  • vj

    >”Apadinaa…Ponnu thedura Velaiyaa aarambichittannuu solluu.. “
    The above comment was from me. Dunno how it got the name “Jay !!!” 🙁

  • Krish

    Looks like u created another id when u started blogging 🙂 “Jay!!!” has a blog with the same title of ur blog 🙂

    BTW, my friend was searching the profiles . He showed me the above condition specified in one profile :)))

  • Somu

    >Maybe the girl was a girlfriend to someone once, and knows what all the guy might have indulged in before dumping her ;o))))

  • prasanna.mansa

    >Yes its make sense. A guy may roam with lots of girls and had sex with some of them. Hence its a bad habit right?

  • Smyta

    >Prolly the girl meant having a girlfriend while searching for a bride is bad :p

    Smiles etc.,


  • Krish

    >hi…Thru here from blogsearch…This post of urs made me comment!…U know now-a-days, Girls are very orthodox and are all goody-goody!..I wud have just asked whether she has no boy frnds!

  • Krish

    Well, I just wanted to mention that inclusion of gairl friends in list of bad habits.

    I am not for for the topic of discussing if Boyfriend- Girl Friend relationships :)). May be I’ll discuss it at a later point of time.

  • J

    >Ahaa! ippadi ellaam kooda irukaa..never knew. mmm naanum unghaluku thaan ponnu theda aarambichuteenghanu nenachen Krishna 🙂 saw ur reply to Jay 🙂

  • susubala

    >Avaloda Anubavam pesuthunnu nineikiren. Anyway you love the comments and do u stick with it. Hopefully, somehow, oneday, you’ll get a better half with such a nature and you’ll feel for it.