As safe as boiled water?

Two weeks back, I bought this HLL water purifier( pureit ) that boasts of : No electricity, no gas, no heating, no continous water supply and produces “as safe as boiled water”. Thats their tagline for this product.

The purifier works as follows: (link to their site)

  1. A unique Microfibre Mesh™ that removes visible dirt
  2. A unique Compact Carbon Trap™ that removes the remaining dirt, parasites and even pesticides
  3. A Germkill Processor™, whose stored germkill power targets and kills all viruses and bacteria
  4. A unique Polisher™ that gives clear, odourless and good tasting water
  5. A Germkill Battery Life Indicator™ that lets consumers know when the germkill power of the battery kit is over and needs to be replaced

They also claim that, they meet the water safety standards for USA Environmental Protection Agency. We use the water used for cooking ( metro water ) as the input to this pureIt.

The purified water is very clear and tasted good even though chlorine is used in their so called – Germ kill processor. After using it for a week, one of my roommate stopped drinking the pureit water, claiming it was the reason for his cold.

Even I am not sure how much safe it is. I bought it as it if from Hindustan Lever. I am not sure what is used in the Germ-Kill processor for killing the bacteria and virus. From my understanding chlorine is one of the component. Will it kill all the germs? Tried searching the web to find if anyone has done some tests on this product. Didn’t get any good reviews based on testing.

Anyone using this product? Do you have any idea about how safe is this product? Please share any info that you have.

BTW, I googled “pureit HLL” and google responded:

Did you mean: pure HELL

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