Ahhhhhhh… it’s still hot….

It’s October. But today morning it was pretty hot :

I dont expect it to rain like this:

Let it rain, at least like this :

North-East Monsoon..Where are you?

Gif courtesy.

Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.

~Mahatma Gandhi

  • J

    >Acachooo :))

  • Me

    >monsoon aa adhellam geography book la mattum dhan irukkum nu nenaichen….madras la adhu lam varuma?

  • Krish

    Yesterday I was caught up in the traffic and I couldn’t bear the heat :(. That’s the reason for this post.

  • Somu

    >Is this in Chennai Krish ? Or have u left CHennai already ?

  • Krish

    may be u shud come with bike to Arcot road,Vadapalani at 10:30 🙂

  • Somu

    >That’s too far, and I don’t know to ride a bike :o(((((

  • Anbu

    >Yes man, Cant believe its October…Its still soo hot…

  • Sangeeta

    >guys..ever heard of october heat?

  • Narayanan Venkitu

    >Same here in California..!! ( Bay area). There was a Fire danger day yesterday.!!

    BTW – Is chennai ready to face the NE Monsoon? Did we learn enough from Bombay?

    God Bless chennai.!

  • Krish

    It’s good that u didn’t lear to ride a bike 🙂

    what to do….

    U have just seen >100cm raifall… u wont u’stand it 🙂

    @Venkitu Sir:
    Oh! U r also facing the steamy weather…

    Chennai readyannnu therila. Epdio mazhai vandhaal sari. We need water …

  • Adaengappa !!

    >Chennai..semma HOT machi….

    Hope the rains brings pleasure to chennaites..

    -drapped in winter gears-Prabhu

  • frissko

    >6 yrs in chennai, u shud know better than to complain about chennai ‘veyyil’ da…

  • Krish

    Yep, waiting for the rains !

    But, started blogging just a year ago :))

  • Vanathi


  • Krish

    boy… that was the state two weeks back…. you know it…