Rain in Chennai

It has been raining (or at least drizzling ) in Chennai from yesterday. The weather is so gooood!

Like many of you, I too love rain!

Chennai is no more hot …it’s very cool now 🙂

(Just a post to eclipse my previous one )

  • Smyta

    >So you asked for rains and ur prayers got answered. you would be a God to farmers if you did such a thing for them:-))

    Smiles etc.,


  • Krish

    Wish I had such power!

  • Me

    >i wanted to say the same thing as smyta….ensoi the rain…

  • Slice Of Life

    >rain in chennai is a rarity…so enjoy it when it rains….

  • Krish

    Me enjoying it !!!

  • vj

    >Been to Karaikal. Back with Nagoor Alva Kadai Gulab Jamoon.
    Konjama Naakuu Uurirukkumae !!!

  • Krish

    mmm..enjoy buddy… yen halwa vangalayaa?

  • Narayanan Venkitu


    I hope it gets rid of the water problem.!!

  • Krish

    >@venkitu sir:
    Thanks.. I am enjoying it. The rain is need to get rid of the water problem as well!

  • Somu

    >I definitely second your thoughts Krish… Chennai is rocking!

  • J

    >Ahaaa..coooool! Enjoy panreenghala 🙂