My Friends and Blogs

I have a bad(??) habit. If I find something useful/interesting/amusing I would force my friends to try it. The same thing happened in blogs. Last year I made some of friends to start blogging. Some of them gave into my persuasion/force.

Here is teh status of some of the blogs:

Niceguy- Kannan
Recently, I sent him a mail with the link to his blog. He asked me who created it and wondered the profile looked as though he himself wrote it!!!

He has given me the credit for starting the blog. Now, I don’t want to ask about the status of his blog as he just got maried 🙂

He even removed the first post written by me :). He went to the US two weeks back. He has promised to write his experience in his blog. Let’s see.

Hello Network Engineer. Do you remember that you have a blog?

Three of the above mentioned blogs were created in October, 2004. Probably, I was in full form during that month :). But, I couldn’t make my ex-housemate friends to start a blog. Now I am in no mood to persuade them now. Pona poguthu pozhachi poranungo…


Love me when I least deserve it, because that’s when I really need it.
~Swedish Proverb