Why? and 55

Smyta tagged me to write a story in 55 words.

I have written two stories :))) . Both are based on true incidents.

Story “Why” inspired by Smyta’s Why? story
Title: Why?
He does not like being tagged. Probably he does not like anything that disturbs his routine. He ignored her previous tag giving some reason that made her wonder why! Why did she tag him again when he had chosen to ignore her earlier tag? This time he accepted her tag and now he wonders why!!!

Title: 55
He wrote a few lines. He was not satisfied with that. So he added few more words. Still he did not achieve what he wanted.So he cut down some words and made few adjustments. Eureka! He was happy that he had completed a blog tag to write a story exactly in fifty five words.

Whom to tag?? ( here you go…Take up if you are interested )
Magnus Astrum