Why? and 55

Smyta tagged me to write a story in 55 words.

I have written two stories :))) . Both are based on true incidents.

Story “Why” inspired by Smyta’s Why? story
Title: Why?
He does not like being tagged. Probably he does not like anything that disturbs his routine. He ignored her previous tag giving some reason that made her wonder why! Why did she tag him again when he had chosen to ignore her earlier tag? This time he accepted her tag and now he wonders why!!!

Title: 55
He wrote a few lines. He was not satisfied with that. So he added few more words. Still he did not achieve what he wanted.So he cut down some words and made few adjustments. Eureka! He was happy that he had completed a blog tag to write a story exactly in fifty five words.

Whom to tag?? ( here you go…Take up if you are interested )
Magnus Astrum

  • Smyta



    Why did I tag you?

    I choose not to say:D


    Just like that?

    Why-just like that?


    Why Simply da?


    Why teriyaadu?


    Why Why Why Why Why * 11

    Smiles etc.,


  • J

    >LOL :)) oyeee sema creativity unghaluku…second story is ulti :))

    btw, thanks a lot for tagging me…first time someone considered me too and tagged. thanks!!

  • Krish

    Thanks J.Even I am happy that I am the first person to tag you ! So,when r u taking up the tag and writing a 55 story?

  • Krish


    My Guess : May be you forgot that you tagged me earlier :))

  • Art

    >long time since i came to ur blog!!!
    Will catch up with the previous ones soon…

    Nice stories…

  • Vanathi

    >Thanks for tagging me. Why you tagged me ?

  • Me

    >hahaha ….liked both of them…

    hey krish good to see that i have been tagged but i am not writing anything…already bunch of ppl tagged me and i was not interested in posting anything at that time and if i do it now it will be bad…i hope u understand….thanks anyways.. 🙂

  • Krish

    Thanks Arathi!

    You need not waste ur time reading my previous posts… Even I need to catch up with ur blog 🙂

    Why did I tag you?
    You are a blogger…Chumma..just like that…Thought u would write something interesting… many reasons like that…

    You always have the option to ignore it… so no worries… 🙂

    Thanks Me…I understand! Have fun…

  • Somu

    Kalakeeteenga ! I like the Why tag and the response you got from Smyta…

    Why all this eh ?

  • Krish

    Thanks Somu! I don’t think she’ll ever tag me again 🙂

  • Vanathi

    >Krish, I have tagged you dude 🙂

  • Krish

    Oh..no.. not again..
    From now on, anyone who tags me will be rewarded with 10 tags from my side!