Those who have seen the Tamil movie “Ghajini” can understand this joke…

[ Ganguly and his fans excuse me ]

Ganguly: My name is Saurav. Full Name Saurav Ganguly. I was the captain of the Indian Cricket Team.

Sourav’s Doctor: He can’t bat continuously for 15 min in any pitch. Somebody hurted his head with a ball. He is now a “SHORT TERM BATTING LOSS” patient.

  • Me

    >haha read it here … i guess next season on saurav fwd’s has started 🙂

  • Vanathi

    >Ganguly is always a “Short term batting loss” patient!!!!!!!

  • Art

    >not seen the movie… but i have read that there is short term memory loss… so can understand!!!

  • Narayanan Venkitu

    >Ganguly can have any kind of memory loss…but I am glad…he is totally lost now…Hope he doesn’t come back.!!

  • J

    >mmm enakum indha fwd vanthathu 🙂