Settling in Life!

I have a good innocent(??) friend, who asks endless questions. I’ll always try to answer him . It’s always nice talking to him and debating about various topics. Lately, we used to talk about marriage and he used to say he would marry only a working girl. ( those debates in a separate post )

Yesterday, we were having lunch and he said, “If my marriage gets delayed, then it’ll take more timefor me to settle in life”. I couldn’t get whet he meant, so I asked him for the reason? I have seen only people who always talk about settling in life and then getting married!

He said, “You know that I’ll marry only a working girl. If it gets delayed, then it’ll take more time to buy a house and repay the loan. If I get married sooner, I can plan my future effectively!”

Well, something to think about !!!

His latest question:

He came to my desk, looked at the crystal globe and asked , why the earth is in slanting position?