Change in lifestyle!

Here in Chennai, I was staying with my friends for 6 years. Then everyone moved out to different places and then I was staying alone for about two months. Now, my mom is with me in Chennai. So, after a long gap of 17 years – I stay with my family 🙂

My mom is making me lazy. Now, I am not doing some of the work that I have been doing for years. I’ll try to write a detailed comparison later.

One problem I find is that, I am not able to be flexible on my work timings ! I used to stay late to finish my work ( to compensate for doing other things during day time ). Now I need to go home early – atleast by dinner time!

I am finding it difficult to spend time on blogs(commenting/writing new posts) and other stuffs. I need to give up something ( world of priorities…sigh… ) . Also, I won’t be posting anything new for next one month. Please don’t bother to check this page during that time ( it’s for those who don’t use feed readers ). A break from blogosphere 🙂

I need to get my home PC repaired and broadband connection renewed. I hope I’ll be active in blogs once I get this done.

btw, 2005 was an eventful year… new friends ..wonderful experiences… lot of learnings…. enjoyed every moments of it 🙂

I hope 2006 will also be a happy year full of joy and fun moments !

Wish you all a happy new year !!!

Take care guys …..


Time is a great teacher, but unfortunately it kills all its pupils
~Hector Berlioz