It’s one way…??

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All natural processes are irreversible and unidirectional.
~ Variation of Second law of Thermodynamics

If anything can go wrong, it will
~Murphy’s law

Sometimes we get into situations, where we want to undo certain things happened; we want to believe they were just dreams. We want to work against the Time Arrow, defy Murphy’s laws. We fight against the nature.

Sad. Even Harry Potter needs a Time Machine to save the Hippogriff. We wish we had one.

Don’t lose hope. We are HUMANS. We can do ANYTHING. We can reverse the TIME.

We just need some more TIME.

  • Raju

    >my first time here..

    Interesting post.. I dont think time-machine would ever be possible.. bcos ‘Time’ is something the man has created for convenience and the processes that take place are totally irreversible and increase the entropy..

  • Narayanan Venkitu

    >I don’t think we can reverse time…but we can imagine.!!!

    How can we forget ‘Back to the Future’!

  • Known Stranger

    >hey.. i am reading a book on bigbang and universal astronomical laws . was recapping my engineering laws and here i find a thermodynamics inversion law. hmm.. for past two what ever i see – i see mechanical engineering into every sight.

  • :: The Protector ::

    >In Realaity Reversal of Time is impossible….but the movies do! like Back to Future, Time Cop!… We can visualize and imagine these kind of stuff….

    We fight aganist nature we have to face the music!


  • unknown

    Thanks for rolling mine:-)

    Being human we cann’t do anything there is some limitations too.but we can try our best to achieve everything..
    reversing the time,it is impossible..if one can reverse the time then so many changes would have happened in his life..there are certain things we cann’t get back…it is like running water in river..once missed is ever missed…
    as u said …
    so many times in my life even thought of undoing something happens in everyones life too….but later i realized coz of that activity i learnt my mistakes and projected my skills better than earlier…
    every mistakes and problems makes us to learn something..
    what do u say?

  • Krish

    No one is supporting for the Time Machine. I need it badly.

    Hey… i wanted to mean something else and ended up writing taht we can reverse time 🙂

    Yes, changes in physical things are irreversible. But relationships,trust,love,friendship might leave a scar in your brain. With practice we can undo it. Either we can forget the whole incident and renew it or leave it and move forward as if nothing happened.

    Thiruvalluvar might disagree with me:
    தீயினால் சுட்டப்புண் உள்ளாரும் ஆறாதே
    நாவிலால்சுட்ட வடு !

    Howerer, we can try to heal that…

    For that also we need time. Time can can cure many things. Well… I remember the this quote again:
    Time is a great teacher, but unfortunately it kills all its pupils
    ~Hector Berlioz

    ok people..i leave it here…

    Thanks for all your comments 🙂

  • Kumar Chetan

    >Ur name sounds lik infy mentor.
    come on dude no one can beat u untill and unless u feel beaten.
    U can change anything if U just want to.
    OK U cant go back into past. Thats not possible till date. And If u find a solution do lemme know. I want to go back and marry my GF. She got married with some one else. No kidding. It real serius.
    But Still I dont repent.
    Enjoy the life as it comes.
    Learn from past.
    Not everything is meant to be good.
    If it has been good all along life wud have been DULL.
    Absence of heat or cold makes thing monotonus and Lifeless too. U need both to live.
    Lets live happily.