Mamallapuram: Rat worshiping a Cat?!

I took this picture at Mamallapuram, during my recent visit. This is part of the 7th century AD rock carvings called “Arjuna’s penance”. It has 100 Figures Of Gods & Semi Divine Creatures, Birds & Beasts, Man & Saint.

If you notice well, you can find a cat with its with hands folded in adoration and a rat worshiping it!

I am not sure what was in those people’s mind, when it was created. Let me know if it is right for the rat to believe the cat? What should have happened after the rat started praying it??

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~ Winston Churchill

  • :: The Protector ::

    >i think rat is begging the cat not to indulge them….


  • chaitΓΌ

    >Great observation dude… nice picture

  • NaiKutti

    >i have no idea of why people had that in mind… nice pic krish…

  • susubala

    >That’s a great architectural work and observation ! Hopefully cat is oblidged by rat’s worship.

  • Aparna

    >My 2 cents:

    I’m guessing, it’s actually not a cat but a human being who has commited sins, surrendering to the feet of god for salvation.

    The cat like face is probably the sculptor’s idea of portraying a sinned human!

    Anyway, that was a wonderful observation.

  • Sangeeta

    >what is it with rats and temples..went 2 rjasthan last month and there was a temple full of rats…amazing no?

  • unknown

    >think u scrutinized deeply..peachy..peachy..
    “yaanaikku oru kaalam vanthaal punaikku our kaalam varum”..remembering the tamil proverb..

  • Krish

    hahaha …may be true…
    no point in begging to a cat…

    hmmm..u didn’t answer my qn…

    thanks boss!
    ok…u also didn’t answer..:(

    Thanks sumi..
    //Hopefully cat is oblidged by rat’s worship.//
    Hope…hmmmm…let’s hope…it’s cat not Garfield πŸ˜€

    Thanks for dropping by and commenting on the post…
    I agree with you..that’s probably right..

    Thanks sangeet…
    there are rats in our house also…
    I want a cat…

    Thanks ammu…
    Poonaikku eppodhum nalla kaalamdhaan…

    My opinion:
    I agree with aparna.
    In that
    rock carvings, there were many saints in that same pose…
    They should have added this for humor and to make people u’stand even evil person might act like a good person. So you might end up like the poor rat that believes in the cat. Cat’s nature is to eat’s not going to change whatever it does.
    ( and human nature is unpredictable )

    It’s better to tell the truth in subtle ways right.Probably they r trying to convey via that cat/rats. Blunt truths always hurts. That’s my guess people…

  • :: The Protector ::

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  • Known Stranger

    >that was a great introspect viewing need to really travell with you to historical place. i love this analysis.

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