Movies: Paramasivan and King Kong

Last saturday around 6pm friend B asked me if we could go for a movie. At that time, the only theatre we could get tickets was Rohini complex. We went there. We had the choice of Aadhi,Paramasiva,SandaKozhi,Thavamai Thavamirundhu,Saravana,Pasakiligal. I have already seen Thavamai… . So chose Paramasivan as there weren’t any Thala movie in recent times.

Enjoyed it 🙂

Today I got a forward with reviews for Aadhi and Paramasivan:
[Here it is…with due apologies to Vijay and Ajit fans ]

Aathi :

Sister problemnaa thirupaatchi paaru;
Mother problemna sivakasi paaru;
Brother problemna bagavadhi paaru;
On the spot saaganuma aathiya paaru?

Paramasivan :

Sister problemnaa Dheena paaru;
Family problemna Mugavari paaru;
Brother problemna Vaali paaru;
Selavillaama saaganuma Paramasivatha paaru

Boy! I spent 75bucks for it. In that movie there is dialague: PSnaa ParamaSivan illa, Pazhaiya Soru. That’s true. Anyway its not so bad. You can try it.

Since, I didn’t get over the PS hangover, went for King Kong on Sunday. I really enjoyed it. There were lot of kids in the theatre. Seeing the heroine, one kid sitting near us asked her dad,”Appa adhu KingKong ponnuthaana” 🙂 Kids are always wonderful !

I am not going to watch Aadhi…looks like ParamaSivan is Box Office No.1 !!!. Let me have a break…