How people reached this blog via search..

Just very few posts on astrology made people reach this blog. It’s time I write more on astrology 🙂

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  • ~*. D E E P A .* ~

    >1st !!!!

    thanx for the CnH piece ….
    astrology … hmmmmmmmm

  • me


    pls remove the word verfication krish …its killing me…

  • :: The Protector ::

    >tats cool man!


  • RandomThoughts

    >Many atime C n H tell u exactly what’s on ur mind, so go ahead & enjoy!

    As for astrology u can actyally give it a thought!


  • Narayanan Venkitu

    >The Cartoon is funny.!! Where did you pick this from?? NIce effort.

    About Astrology…do you believe in it??

  • Marutham

    >Krish- The online Josiyar!! 😛 Jus kidding! I wonder how/why people believe? Is it really true that these things work? Am just curious>Please let me know. ANd the calvin toon was too good!! 🙂 And many a time, calvin speak my words 😛

  • Krish

    yeah ur 1st 🙂
    Thanks deeps..

    lol :))

    Again removed the comment verification… the bad gus are spamming even my old posts… so it’s difficult to delete spam in the old posts…

    🙂 thanks vishnu

    CnH is to good… it always speaks our thought!


    @NV sir:
    Thanks… just I was browsing thru the CnH archive !
    About Astrology…do you believe in it??//
    May be ..may be not.. depends on the situations :))
    See my latest post…

    Thanks marutham!
    See my latest post…