Astrology: The psychological perspective….

Morpheus: Do you believe in fate, Neo?
Neo: No.
Morpheus: Why not?
Neo: Because I don’t like the idea that I’m not in control of my life.

~Dialogue from the movie : The Matrix

Actually many people believe in fate as well as astrology. They just don’t like the idea they are not in control of their life. That’s what make us humans as we are now. If everyone believed 100% in fate, we would not have seen the birth and evolution of civilizations. And we would have missed the funs of life: love, hate, friendship, betrayals, rich, poor, ego and all other “so-called” essence of life – or we would not have survived this far! Well, even if we had to believe 100% in our free will for things happens in our lives, we would become insane.

Let’s get back to astrology. Note the conversation with some of my friends:

Myself: (Noticing some gem ring in his hand) Good you wearig a pearl ring. Do yo believe in astrology and effect of gems ? Even my amma is asking me to wear cat’s eye. But, I am not showing interest…
Friend : I don’t know what is this. My parents asked me to wear it.

Very few people openly acknowledge their belief. People do not want to give the credit to fate for all the good things that happen to them. But then, when there are failures and tough situations astrology comes in handy :).

I guess, the main reason why high % of people seek astrology ( though they have seen lot of discripancies/anomolies in the predictions ) lies in the pychological nature in it. Many astrologers act as psychologists. They help people believe life is a cycle of good and bad events; they say “Guru(Jupiter) will be in 8th position till Oct”…after that everything will be come all right. That helps to forget the present situation and move towards the hopeful futute. You might ask, everyone knows life has good and bad events- why do we need astrology for this. Simple reason: Everyone does not have similar situation like you. They may not have good friends, parents who can soothe you in the *right way* when you are in trouble.Everyone don’t react to a situation as you do. They might have been influenced by their kins. Everyone believes in certain things – some believe in God alone, some belive in some humans who they see as incarnations of the God. These helps them when they see blankness in life. In the same way some tend to believe in astrology. The cosmic connection involved in astrology makes many people follow it.

With its psychological nature of helping people in trouble/ align your mind, astrology would continue to survive even if millions of proofs is submitted against astrological predictions.

You should have heard people saying that horoscope matching is not required for love marrige(!) ;it may be required only for arranged marriages. I thought about this – in love marriages you know about your partner and you have selected him/her. You *believe* he/she is the right match for you. But, in the case of arranged marriages you’ll be marrying someone you don’t know – who you have not spoken to. You’ll have the question why he/she should be your better half(!) . If horoscope match is done and if the astrologer says, the match is very good, it automatically helps to reduce your anxiousness and start believing you are marrying the right person. Is it not?

Disclaimer: This post is not about whether astrology is true or not. I am not asking you to believe/not to believe in it. I know there are problems that might come out of blindly believing in astrlogy/astrologers.

Tell a person that there are 300 billion stars in the universe and they’ll believe you. Tell them a bench has wet paint on it and they’ll have to touch to be sure.