Buying a computer…

Yesterday went to Ritchie street to buy a computer for Mani. He had printouts of the list of things(with the specification) he wanted buy. I thought that was a good idea as it would save time. We gave it in the shops and got the price filled in. After visiting some 8 shops we got tired( the place was too crowded as it was Saturday) and decided to choose one from them. He took the price lists and then asked me, ” How to identify the shop name from it?” We forgot to note down the shop names in it. The only clue was the handwriting :))

It was not an issue, as the price was almost same in all the shops. We bought the computer from Supreme Electronics. Here is the price(Just wanted to note down the current price for future reference. I’ll update teh full details when after get the receipts from him )

1) P4 3.4 GHz HT – Rs8700
2) Asus Mother board
4) PCI Express 128-256 Graphics card
6) 80GB Hard disk
7) Floppy drive
8) Multimedia key board and optical mouse
9) Cabinet – 1050
10) Sony DVD Writer – Rs3500/-
11) Samsung 17″ monitor – Rs5250/-
12) 800kVA UPS

Total – Rs34700/-

After seeing the wireless mouse and keyboard, he wanted to buy it. I told him that needs batteries to operate. He asked me if it can be connected to DC adapter as he was not ready for buying standard/rechargeable batteries :))
Finally the idea was dropped as connecting the *wireless* mouse and keyboard to external power supply didn’t please him!!!


We got a pack of 5 DVDs ( from Samsung) as ompliment. One of them was movie “Million Dollar Baby”. Watched that movie today( with subtitles on) . It’s very touching movie. Good one.

BTW, it seems the following icon is being promoted for specifying syndicated contents:

I have always noticed it in the address bar of Firefox when it detects a feed. Yesterday stumbled upon this site and learned this info.