Just another revolution around the sun!

ooooooooooooooo….completed 28 rounds around the sun on Feb 11,2006 …. still feeling like a kid ! May be the reason is that I have read only very few pages from the book of life and still having lot of things to explore….

Are these b’days an annual reminders of my still having done nothing worthwhile??? Well, I haven’t yet defined what is being “worthwhile” means. Whatever it is, I am happy…..I believe 🙂

Probably this will be my last bachelor birthday !

Thanks for all your wishes….

Every man prefers belief to the exercise of judgment.

  • Ramesh

    >jus passing thro.. Happy Birthday krish.. enjoy ur time…

  • Marutham

    >Hey Krish,
    Happy birthday to you!!!!! [BELATED 😀 ] And how did the day go? Anything special?

  • :: The Protector ::

    >Happy Belated B’Day….


  • Anonymous

    >hi kicha…

    many more happy returns of the day eppo treat….

  • NaiKutti

    >belated bday wishes krish :-)…

  • Me

    >maapla enna kalyanam nichayam aanadha sollavel la….:)

    happy bday…:)

  • Art

    >Happy Birthday Krish….
    May u have a fabulous life ahead…

    May u go around the sun for more n more years….

  • Krish

    Thanks for you wishes..

    Thanks Marutha..
    Nothing special 🙂

    Thanks buddy !!!

    Who r u anon? treat kodukanumilla…
    Thnaks for ur wishes..

    Thanks dude…

    //maapla enna kalyanam nichayam aanadha sollavel la….:)//
    hehehe… 🙂 Naan nitchayam ayittunnu sonnenaa?

    //happy bday…:)//

    Thanks for ur wishes Art!

    Sure..I’ll go more rounds around the sun…

  • frissko

    >hey…belated b’day wishes da…

  • J

    >Ohhh nooo, I missed your bday :'( Grrrr @ me…very very sorryy Krishnaa..

    anyway, hope u had a good time. Belated Happy Birthdayy 🙂 next year ozhungha wish panren naan 🙂

  • Krish

    no sorries and all ok…:)

    Thanks for ur wishes….!!!

  • Sangeeta

    >Belated budday wishesw..so wen’s u getting married?

  • Krish


    //Belated budday wishes//
    Thanks angeet….
    //.so wen’s u getting married?//
    Once I find the gal :p