Personal Home Page : Netvibes

I have started using this AJAX based personalized desktop : Netvibes

Google personalized home is long way behind ( I never cared to use that ). But, this stuff is cool.
I have added all the feeds that I would like to read daily.

From the snapshot, don’t conclude that I use TO-DO lists . I just wanted to try that feature 🙂

  • Art

    >Hey I liked the rose petals in the pic… This has nothing to do with ur post.. but i just loved that pics 🙂
    so u getting ur website or something

  • J

    >Cooooooool, Krishna…naanum try panna poren 🙂

  • Krish

    Think I am being too technical 🙂
    Thanks for the comment.

    Try it. it’s a good. i like that FlickR intergration as well. So I get to see my fav. photos just by configuring the tags as they get uploaded.

    We can go thru all the blogs easily as it is in a single page and chose to read it if its updated. And the integrated reader is very good.

  • Ash

    >mmmmm ……..let me try too ……..
    will do!

  • Tegan


    I read your comments on web based personalized desktops. I was wondering if you have visited Pageflakes already? We are offering a similar service allowing you to read news feeds and setting up multiple pages that can be customized with local weather, address book, todo lists, event finders, TV guides and much more. Looking forward to hearing from you. Maybe you have some thoughts on what we can improve.

    Thanks and best regards

  • kiraN

    >very gud info.. 🙂

  • kiraN

    >very gud info.. 🙂

  • vj

    >Have you tried

  • Saranya Kishore

    >Kicha sir,
    Do you know we can configure our too, with Gmail and quotes and news and stocks? 🙂

  • chaitanya


    never cared for such things anyway…

  • Krish

    try it 🙂 you might love it…

    @tegan( probably the it’s a comp ):
    yeah… pagefalkes is good.. buti still like netvibes 🙂

    yes ..tried that… netvibes is still my choice…


    @SK :
    SK madam… read my post again…I have used Google personalized home. Just try using netvibes…u’ll know the difference !!!
    You have *try it* to find out how good it is…


  • Krish

    Other AJAX desktops( I haven’t tried all of them) that you may want to try:

    AJAX Desktops

  • :: The Protector ::

    >thats good man! lemme try this one…


  • Anonymous

    >Krish, this is cool stuff…
    wonderful – Karthik Dinakaran

  • Dalicia

    >very cool! 🙂 i can say that i’m not too keen to share my blog with my friends over here.