Went to Bangalore last weekend. Met few friends. It was my third trip to this city.

Some pictures from this place:

[Forum – Koramangala]

[Yellow flowers near the place I stayed ]

[Bldgs and traffic near MG Road]

[Gharuda – Shopping mall at night]

First two pics taken fron Canon a510, last two mobile camera.

  • susubala

    >The yellow flowers are too good !

  • nksenthil

    >Banglorekku Blogaa!! Ha ha 🙂

    Anyway yellow flower looks very nice.. I am expecting Madras blog too 🙂

  • chaitanya

    >yellow flowers picture is very nice 🙂

    those trees look great in this season… with full of flowers and no leaves…

  • J

    >>>First two pics taken fron Canon a510, last two mobile camera.

    paathaalae theriyuthu hehe 😀

    Good one, Krishna!

  • Narayanan Venkitu

    >Nice photos thank you…Captions would have helped..I feel..!

    Don’t know what these places are !!

  • Smyta

    >Ada paavi,

    Bangalore vandutu u didnt tell me…:(
    I wld hv met u right?
    Fair enuf….x(

    x( etc.,


  • unknown

    >u came to bangalore is it?
    great..hope u enjoyed well

  • White Forest

    > came to my city bangalore 🙂

    hmm Koramangala and Mg Road ..happening places in bangalore…:D

    Just wondering where did you capture yellow flowers from…they look awesome 🙂

    PS: are you the krish from PG ?
    Thanks for dropping by my blog

  • Marutham


  • Krish


    yeah..son i’ll post pictures from Madras!

    Thanks 🙂

    //paathaalae theriyuthu hehe :D//

    @ventiku sir:
    ok..i’ll add the caption…


    yeah…really enjoyed teh trip…
    thanks ammu…the lucku ammu…

    hmm Koramangala and Mg Road ..happening places in bangalore…:D//
    😀 yeah…happening palces..:))

    //are you the krish from PG ?//
    No…i don’t ustand teh qn itself 🙂

    hey ennachu?
    :-/ :-/

  • NaiKutti

    >krish… looks like ellam malls oru visit pottu rukinga…

  • Me

    >idhu dhan forum mall aaa….. krish how would u rate this compared to spencers?

  • Krish

    Karthik, anga adhan irukkunnu enakku kamichaanga 🙂

    @’Imsai’ ME: 🙂
    Form and the Gharuda( biggest shopping mall in B’lore) are small compared to our Chennai Spencers…

    Spencers has congested look. It’s not the case with these mall ..The corridors are very spacious…

    When we went to Gharuda mall… there was loud music and a huge croud were watching ‘something’. I fought my way through the crowd to find what’s happening :). Some gals were dancing (It seems they select Ms.Gharuda mall ever weekend! )…
    In Spensers…hmmmm ….no way :)))

  • unknown

    >lbeaqcheck now my post again..suspense break panniten..thanks for your suggestion…i was editing the post ..athukula u commented …

  • :: The Protector ::

    >chennai city centre than ippa persu….


  • chaitanya

    >no updates these days…

  • Me

    >pudhu posta kaanam?

    templateaa innuma maaathala?

  • Ghost Particle

    >nice snaps.

  • Krish

    thanx..i need to visit that 🙂

    busy… nothing interesting happening… how u doing?

    @Imsai me:
    Yes.. I need to change it 🙂

    Thanks GP

  • chaitanya

    >changed the template… nice…

  • J

    >inum busyaa?? pudhu post engha ba??

    >>changed the template… nice…

    ennoda kannuku theriyavae illai 😀

  • sophie

    >hmm…thats very awesome yellow flowers…i was at b’lore Leela Palace last week end
    exactly last sunday
    me becoming nostalgic

  • Sweety Maruth

    >hey nice flowers yaar…esp yello flowers….;-)