TamilNadu, Navodaya Vidyalayas and हिन्दी

Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalayas are central government funded residential schools ( 6th to 12th – CBSE curricula, education is free for all enrolled students including lodging, boarding, text books, uniforms). Just, you need to pass the examination conducted by NCERT – mostly non verbal and objective type.

Following are the objective of these schools:

  • To provide good quality modern education to the talented children predominantly from the rural areas without regard to their families socio-economic conditions;
  • To ensure that all students of Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalayas attain a reasonable level of competence in three languages as envisaged in the three language formula;
  • To serve, in each district, as focal points for improvements in quality of school education through sharing of experiences and facilities.

There is one Navodaya school in every district of India, except TamilNadu.

Note the second objective: Hindi,Hindi,Hindi

Thanks to the Dravidian parties for safe-guarding Tamil by not allowing them to start these schools in TN. But, I was lucky enough to study in Navodaya Vidyalaya – Karaikal. Since our district belongs to Pondicherry (with Congress the prominent Political party), I had the chance to study here. It did help me to get a better education, which would not have been possible otherwise. Statistics shows that results of class X and XII examinations of JNVs have been consistently better than the overall CBSE national averages.

These political leaders could influence me at that age. They created the notion that- “Hindi is evil”. So, I didn’t show interest to learn Hindi as it was just a third language. I regret for that now. I understand how these leaders could easily influence innocent, ignorant people without much exposure to the real world.

Coming back to topic – Navodayas in TN, I don’t see any threat to Tamil language by allowing these schools. Students are just going to learn a new language and study in a school with very good facilities for free. Moreover, Tamil will be taught in 33 other Navodayas outside TN in the exchange programme. Actually, it is a benefit for Tamil language as non-Tamil students would learn it. We have seen complaints from these politicians that Central govt. is not allocating enough funds for various – but, they are ready to use the funds provided for these schools.

If one govt. allows these schools, other party would try to gain advantage by saying “Hindi is imposed in TamilNadu – and they are anti Tamil” by fooling the ignorant people who vote for them.

PS: But, there are other disadvantages studying in residential schools like Navodayas. That’s a separate post.


Democracy is being allowed to vote for the candidate you dislike least.
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  • Me

    >hindi was my second lang….me only speak tamizh…no read/write…

  • Krish

    See.. there are people like u who don’t even learn Tamil 🙂

    But they are not allowing JNV ,where Hindi is taught in addition to Tamil.

    They are just depriving the students from the rural background from getting good education….by giving foolish reasons…

    God save TN!

  • NaiKutti

    >Never heard about this Navodayas :-)…

    TN politicians are way too obsessed (fanatically) with thamizh!…

  • susubala

    >good to know abt this school where lots of them are educated free of cost.

    BTW, learning a third language should not be regretful one always ! Its infact an added advantage and i realise it now !

  • Me

    >hey krish pls change the template….& pls remove the word verfication

  • Krish

    //Never heard about this Navodayas :-)… //
    Many people from TN are not aware of this school 🙂

    //TN politicians are way too obsessed (fanatically) with thamizh!…//
    Do you know that kiths and kins of these politicians know Hindi very well. Even I do not advocate imposing Hindi unnecessarily here. But, in this case(JNV) I don’t find anything wrong as Hindi is taght along with Tamil.

    They just do not want to be labelled as anti Tamil party by other politiacl parties. God save TN.

    Sure learning a third language is an added advantage.
    I hope u know Hindi or u’ll learn it as u r moving to Mumbai. Happy learning.

    template …yes i need to change..i am not getting a good one…

    //pls remove the word verfication//
    I know this word verification is a annoying thing.
    I tried removing it. But I am getting atleast 3 spam comments daily(sometimes linmks to porn sites as well).

    OK..I’ll remove it again …

  • Me

    >yay pudhu template…..:))

    seri enna eppovomay blue…fav color..

  • kiraN

    >heyy.. nice template Krish. i luv this color.

    btw my 2nd language from 10+ is Hindi. everybody shud learn Hindi. its our national language. 🙂

  • J

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  • Krish

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    Blue than enakku pudicha coloru 🙂

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    yes bluethaan fav color 🙂

  • Pratik

    >क्रिश जी, हिन्दी के बारे में आपके सकारात्मक विचारों को जान कर बहुत अच्छा लगा।

  • swami


    I completely disgree with you on this issue. JNV’s are responsible to give education to poor students whether they want to learn hindi or not.

    The biggest disagreement I have with your argument boils down to this statement: [JNV offers] education free for all enrolled students including lodging, boarding, text books, uniforms.

    Well no it is not free at all. Nothing is free. Central government subsidizes education by using *our* tax money. TN pays its due in taxes (in fact it pays more than most other states in India) yet it is not afforded the same privileges that other states enjoy. Why not?

    So it’s ok to get money from “hindi haters” but not ok to give services to them in return. If you ask why they will say “well because they are “hindi-haters”. Doesn’t this sound to you as unfair?

    You blame TN politicians, I blame the partial central government (aka thieves/robbers).

    The simplest solution of course is to *make* the kids learn hindi in order to get the funds, even though 99% of them will never have any use for hindi. I think TN govt should take the tougher route and fight for our share of money (with arrears and interest) and build their own “Kamaraj Pallichaalai” (If they are already doing this, then I say well done to them)

    Also from a personal standpoint I got nothing from knowing Hindi. I could have spent that time playing cricket or goli gundu or whatever. 🙂

    Sorry for the rather long comment and sorry if i come across as angry or furious at anyone other than the central govt, that is definitely not my intention. 🙂

    take care

  • Anonymous

    >I totally agree with comments of swami. Well said Swami.

  • Om

    >part XVII of the constitution:
    defines OFFICIAL language (NOT national lang)

    Article 345: This gives the State govt., power to decide its own “OFFICIAL LANGUAGE”

    Article 343: This defines hindi and english to be the “OFFICIAL LANGUAGES” of union govt.


    NATIONAL LANGUAGE: defines the people of the nation, culture, history.

    OFFICIAL LANGUAGE: used for official communication

    While a National language by default can become the Official langauge, an Official language has to be APPROVED legally to become the National language.


  • Om

    >The JNVs are just another way of imposing hindi on TN.

    As of now, UP alone has a population of about 180 Million, the FOUR southern states have a population of about 225 Million. In another 15 years, UP will have a population more than that of the four southern states. Add the other BIMARU states and it will be multiples of southern states.

    Apart from hindi, these BIMARU states have
    1) Bad economy
    2) poor physical infrastructure
    3) poor social structure – health, education

    BAd economy and physical infrastructure will prevent any job generation now and in near future.

    The poor social conditions will compund their woes.

    This aint the case to a larger extent among the southern states – obviously, these ppl are going to migrate to other greener pastures and the only “hurdle” is “language”.

    Language would serve to prevent any unwanted demographic changes that could affect the individual state and the whole country.

    Ask yourself a simple question, why should there be hindi in JNVs ? Why wont the central govt allow JNVs in TN with only English and Thamizh ?
    Like swami said, arent we paying taxes ?

  • Raj

    >I totally agree with swami.

    Central goverment tried many different ways to impose hindi in tamil nadu and everytime it was met with great failure.

    1.Full time hindi channel [ DD during the 80s] in tamil nadu when 99% of the population doesn’t understand hindi.

    2.Navodaya Vidyalayas where Hindi is mandatory.

    3.Hindi Anouncements in flight bound to chennai.

    4. Disinformation that Hindi is the National Language of India though India doesn’t have a national languge.

    5. Hindi Advt in tamil news papers.

    6. Spending 1 million for propagating hindi when the country is under server famine [ during Sastri reign ]

  • Gopi

    >Hello friends,
    Nice to know abt peoples discussing abt navodayas.

    To put forward my point.. i’ll take my own example, i’m from a lower middle class family living in a small village in maharashtra, where people considers passing 10th as big achievement. I managed to get into Navodaya(bought sleepers for 1st time in life.. :D). In navodaya, I studied Hindi as third Language n in 9th went to UP(Meerut)under cultural exchange program. The students of that novodaya were speaking in Marathi with us(I really got shocked to see that….. )….

    After few years i landed up in Trichy(REC/NIT) for engineering. n observed most of the tamil students were learning hindi(just like that)…..
    So my point is, Learning any additional language is not at all crime n it really not going to affect tamil language at all.
    Navodaya project is very successful in all south states including Karnataka,Kerala where their local language is as dominant as tamil in tamilnadu!!!

    In war of language, tamilnadu is missing a great opportunity to produce good students out of villages which are far behind than the cities.
    n moreover, In any naovadaya 3rd language(Hindi) is only till 9th std. so its upto the students whether they want to learn it further or leave it!!!!
    learning any language is always good for any individual!!!

    My friend in company is from Kerala, He knows Malyalam,Tamil,Kannda,Hindi, somewhat Telugu… then why he need to learn any other language??? but still he’s trying to learn Marathi n Gujarathi from me.

    So, The govt. as well as peoples of tamilnadu, need to think about the necessity of quality education to rural needy and talented students rather than opposing due to such issues….

    Just a thought!!!!!

  • pmreghu


    So my point is, Learning any additional language is not at all crime n it really not going to affect tamil language at all


    Learning additional language (hindi) is not a crime but forcing an additional langauge through indirect means ( navodaya vidhakaya ) is a crime according to me.

    Why can’t the central govt make hindi optional in navodaya vidhalaya or give the money to the state govt to improve the facilites of the public schools?
    because their aim is not to give good education to the poor students in the country but to spread hindi


    In any naovadaya 3rd language(Hindi) is only till 9th std.


    why not the govt make hindi optional from I std??

    In a country where 50 percent of the popluation is below povery line why central goverment is wasting tax payers money on spreading hindi?

    just a thought!!! 🙂

  • Binny

    >the fact is that when we go abroad hindi is the main method of communication. so learning it is not a harm and it is our national language also. if other people came to know that we don’t know hindi. then they will make fun of us. so study the language,increase your knowledge

  • Binny

    >haiiii friends….
    navodayan system is very good as it provides many opportunities for students. our government is not wasting money by spreading navodayas.
    if you think so, then i don’t know how to answer.. learning one language is not a problem……

  • Anonymous

    I think you have never gone out your home state. When did hindi became the main method of communication abroad??

    Why would others make fun of when you don’t know hindi? Hindi is not the national language. There are many countries in the world that have multiple official languages and Hindi is not rich as Sanskrit or Tamil how does it increase the knowledge??

    Dude not only navodayan system all system provide lot of opportunities..it depends on whats in your head or whats written over your head(fate) !!!

    navodayan system is just a waste of tax payers money..

  • Anonymous

    >Navodayas are white elephants killing the country.Throw ’em away

  • Anonymous

    >KVSs teach hindi. politicians kith and kins learn hindi. Movies are screened in hindi. why navodayas in tamilnadu

  • Anonymous

    >sorry why not navodayas in Tamil Nadu

  • R.Selvaraj sanasinallore Tamilnadu

    >dear politicians and all who oppose navodayas. please think rationally and honestly. by blocking navodayas have you stopped spreading hindi in tamilnadu. now there are other media by which people can any lanuage they want. do you stop those who learn hindi. besides, it is an individual rights how can you deprive the A class facilities that navodaya gives to the deprived class children. people give you power to serve them not deprive and suppress. isn’t there any other way you can patronise Tamil? Is my mother tongue such meek it should be afraid of Hindi? should we show our back to hindi while all other states have boldly faces hindi.

  • Anonymous

    >pmreghu, u say navodaya forces hindi i am an employee in navodaya. it is not forced. you know if tamilnadu allows navodaya tamil will be taught in north india as many schools as in tamilnadu. do you think only u only protect hindi? Do u know the best script writer in tamil filmdom bhagyaraj is an andhraite

  • Anonymous

    >Mr.Tamilnad CM say no to hindi but why navodayas? you apply pressure tactics to central govt to get what you want. why not for navodayas without hindi.

  • pmreghu

    Why is the medium of instruction of in KVs? you say that there is no imposition of hindi good joke:) I don't want Tamil to be taught in north india or hindi to be taught in tamil nadu which north Indian state teaches a south Indian lanaguge as per the three language formula?

  • I am from JNV Kuchaman City, Nagour, Rajasthan, currently studying at NIT Trichy.
    I wanted to know the reason from long time and finally got it now, its really irritating, and there is no solutions seems feasible because it has become a serious political issue.