New blogger!!!

I was thinking about switching to word-press as blogger does not have many features like category, dynamic page generation ( though I don’t post regularly :D).

Now blogger has added these features and is available for all the new blogs you create !

Soon we’ll be able to migrate our blogs to the new blogger.

I have created this blog using new blogger :

Access the new blogger.

  • :: The Protector ::

    >vaa paa vaa… rumba naal allne kanum…..

    WB! 🙂


  • swami

    >wb machi.
    and a chinna complaint, your tamil site wont let me post a comment if i dont have a gmail or a blogger account. 🙂

    also how did you write posts in tamil?

  • Krish

    Eppo sir neenga protector aaneenga??

    ok..lemme enable anonymous comments 🙂


    btw.. i know two swamys… nee entha swamy :))

    For typing in tamil unicode use:

    (the first one – eKalappai Anjal)

  • swami

    >nee entha swamy :))

    PEC Mech Hostel Swami 🙂 a bit lazy to type my webpage 🙂 thats all.

    and danke for the tamil link 🙂