My Kubuntu

My Kubuntu is up and running. Just I had to manually install few packages for Audio/video players.

Things I can do from Kubuntu:

  • Play VCD/DVD and many media formats( mp3,3gp etc )
  • Browse – I have Opera and Firefox
  • Lot of tools for programming
  • Fun games and utilties
  • Aplications for Image viewing and Editing ( Well, we can’t expect Photoshop )
  • Office Apps( This needs lot of improvement )
  • My bluetooth dongle is identified without installing extra software and I could tranfer data from my mobile.

What I miss:

  • Can’t play Age of Empires/Need for Speed underground
  • Still the fonts and other display is not as good as Windows
  • Can’t transfer data to/from my Creative Zen Touch

Ubuntu rocks!