Tata Sky DTH

I have been using Tata sky for the past two months. Following is the pros and cons of Tata Sky over regular cable TV.


  • Superior picture and sound quality
  • Uninterrupted service


  • Big Remote. Yes, my wife stopped fighting for it as it is too big for her hands 🙂
  • They display a signature code every 5 minutes for 30 seconds ( the last time I noted). This is sometimes very annoying as they display it in middle of the screen.

Another main thing to note is , their service is focussed for Hindi speaking audience:

– They have reserved 100 channels just for Hindi entertainment channels. But only 100 channels for all regional channels. Specifically, they have reserved only 20 slots for Tamil channels. They provide only 9 channels at present( sun.ktv,sun news, sun music, chutti tv, jeya, vijay,kalaignar,dd podhigai). They can’t accommodate all the tamil channels that comes on cable at present. This shows that they do not have much interest towards luring regional audience :(. Probably they’ll change it in the future.

Now I need to shell our 300Rs get all the important channels. Well, it is less than the amount( Rs 325 ) that we gave to the arrogant cable wala three years back when CAS was not introduced. This is one of the reasons I didn’t for Cable STB.