Internet Security: What is the user awareness? – Sify Broadband(??)

It’s almost two weeks I have been using Sify Broadband(??) 128kbps(9pm-9am) pack.

The last mile is connected via Ethernet to the nearby Sify iway.

They have apparently connected their customers using Hub instead of a switch. So everyone
could see what other people are doing in my area. Even we can get username/passwords.

Their Sify Login client itself send user/passwd in clear text 🙂

Approached Sky link(franchise in my area ) and told them the problem. Their, so called
“Tech specialist” is not ready to listen and says even with switch the problem will
be present !!! ( I have networked 30000 machines – don’t teach me )

Finally he said that he’ll put me in a different broadcast domain blabla( with some other IP),
so that the traffic will not be seen by others ( but he was ready to change the connection
hub where my machine is connected). I am still wondering how that’ll work.

This happened one week back they didn’t do anything.

After reading some forums discussing India Broadband, it looks like many places
they have this problem and they are not ready to change hub as it works out cheaper
than switch.
[ Some users in that forum said they enjoy having hub 🙂 ]

Their User agreement might specify that users should not run sniffers et. al.
* Does that mean other users will not spy on me and invade my privacy?
* How does Sify prevents users from running sniffers?
* It’s something like keeping the door open and expecting thieves not to enter, instead of putting a lock !!!

These people should make sure that their network is secure event if it is
going to cost more. I believe it’ll help them in the long run.

Otherwise they may have to spend huge $$ on their call centers.


Is it not an issue at all??