Chennai Book Fair…

Went to the 28th Chennai book fair on sunday with friends. As it was evening chennaites avoiding Marina, there was too much crowd than last year. ( It seems the Chennai Open finals was full house on Sunday – now you know why). As usual Mani didn’t buy any books.I bought few Vairamuthu collection. Then bought Dan Brown’s Digital Fortress,Angels & demons and three sheldon books( that i didn’t read ) from the second hand platform books shops outside the college.

Now the books are piling up and I am not getting time to read ( probably I need to take vacation ).

Currenly reading : Pon Andhi(பொன் அந்தி) (Tamil – S.Balasubramaniyan ) – Story of Maruthanayagam-Mohammad Yusuf Khan

Books in the Queue :

Digital Fortress

The selfish Gene

4 Sheldon novels

Atlas Shrugged

Recentky read books:

The Da Vinci Code

Hitchhiker’s guide to the Galaxy

Are you afraid of the Dark?

Windmills of the Gods.

நான் கிருஷ்ணதேவராயன் !

  • Anonymous

    >Yet to read them…. heard Da Vinci Code is amazing..
    otherwise, how was the book fair overall??


  • Krish

    >If u r interested in is work visiting…

  • Kangs(கங்கா)

    >Da Vinci Code.. My room mate is reading now.. he is telling all exciting things about that story.. later some time I need to read it..

  • Krish

    >Yes Kangs.You’ll like it… happy reading 🙂

  • igetthebest

    >Hey… name the sidney sheldon books u hav bought. N i hav read de Windmills of God… i think its abt a woman … turnin in2 an ambassador… rite???

  • Krish


    Yes, you r right..
    These r the sheldon books that I mentioned…
    -Rage of Angels
    -The sky is falling
    -Morning Noon and Night
    -Memories of midnight

  • igetthebest

    >Haha i knew u wud say abt de sidney sheldon novels. His novels r really gr8… but i realised that i was not yet ready 4 those books. i liked his “morning, noon n night” which contained very less vulgur. But dis “Sands of time” really made me say no 2 his books. but lot of my frnds n ppl of my age do read his novels. in de mean while im back 2 my old story books. but anyway… i hardly hav time 4 story books dese days.

  • Krish


    Good to know that 🙂

  • Lumbergh-in-training

    >Aargh! I never missed the Book Fair, but for the last 2 years!!

  • Marmaven

    >Atlas Shrugged changed my life. I could have avoided all those self-help seminars I took…est,the forum, money & you…etc., had I first read “Atlas Shrugged.” After reading it, I understood how the world works best, and how I fit into that world. No more self-help books for me. Ayn Rand was a brilliant mind and her ideas will live on. Visit the Ayn Rand Institute at Have a happy, productive life, my friend!

  • Krish

    >Thanks Lumbergh,Mary for the comments…


    I would take your comments .. let me see if I can read that first…