A year older….

27 years back, with the Archer rising in the East, Moon spending the day with Uttara-bhadrapada in Pisces, Krishnamoorthy saw this earth – destined to be lucky to enjoy his journey through life….

Thanks mom, though you wouldn’t normally wish me by words… I know you’ll be silently praying for my well being… which would help me move forward… and cherish every moment…


This is my first B’day after i discovered the blog world….

A year older.. let me see if i become wiser….

I am going home tonight ( to Karaikal ) . Will be back on Tuesday.

The best things in life aren’t things.
-Art Buchwald

  • Anonymous

    >Hi da koo !!
    Happy B’day da !!
    eppadi keera.. do you even remember me? 🙂
    Later !

    Posted by Karthik

  • Anonymous

    >hi kicha
    many more happy returns of the day da,,, and may this year be a HOT happenings year for you,,

    thei pirai ena onru irunthal valar pirai enru undu,
    vazhvil thunbangal pala irunthalum inbangal sila undu
    nambikkaiyai nee thunai kondu,
    vetri nadai podu,,,,

    komma koiya,,,,

    Posted by Manikandan

  • Anonymous

    >Wish you very happy birthday Krish. 

    Posted by Prasanna

  • Anonymous

    >Many More Happy Returns of the Day !
    With Best Wishes
    N.A.Mohan Raj Kumar.

  • Ganesh

    >Many more happy returns da Krishna!
    Saw ur blog today and found it very interesting. Keep going!!!

    with best (possible) wishes

  • Krish

    >Hi Karthik from Cal – US,

    Thats for ur wishesda…
    Yeah… i know u… also know all ur stories inc. the Mexican chiks :)))

  • Krish

    >Mani : Nanri – sorry for distubing ur sleep yesterday night !!!

    Prasanna : Thanks ma.. have a nice day… enjoing life at Infy..huh..

    Mohan : Thank you Mohan Sir…

    Ganesh : Thanksda… even finding time to wish me between ur invenstions patents…!!!

    Thank you everyone…

  • nksenthil

    >Many more happy returns of this Blog posting Birthday !!

  • Kishna

    En Manamaarndha Pirandha Naal Vaazhthukkal… (“,)
    Happy Journey..

  • Krish

    >Thanks Senthil : Also for the midnight SMS …which I saw only in the morning ..:)

    Thanks Dreamaer Bala : Nanri Nanri…

  • E T E R N I T Y

    Happy brithday to you… as you said, you r growing older… hope wiser too :))
    have a great year ahead..

  • Krish

    >Hi Vini,

    U know where i got that “grow old get wiser” pharse fromm..

    Thnak you!


  • Kishna

    >Hi Krish,
    back yet ??. How was the trip ??

  • Krish

    >Hi Bala,

    I am back 🙂

    Thanks for dropping by…


  • Twin-Gemini

    >KK, A belated Birthday wishes to you. First time to your blog.

    Pisceans are quite creativity and composed in their behavior. 🙂

  • Krish

    >Hi Anand,

    Thanks for dropping by…
    and for ur B’day wishes !!!

    Blogrolled u…

  • E T E R N I T Y

    Happy brithday to you… as you said, you r growing older… hope wiser too :))
    have a great year ahead..