Not for people like me … 🙂

Was on vacation happily reading and watching TV at home !!!
Looks like SCV is doing some good service to lovers …

Sample converstaion :

SCV VJ : Hello..what’s ur name..
Murugan : I am Murugan from Tambaram… (Excited voice )

SCV VJ : Ur love and Song…
Murugan : I love Anu so and so …and then Unakkena Iruppen from Kaadhal..

SCV : U look very happy…Does ur parents know abt ur love…
Murugan : They are at home only. Now they’ll know !

I wish I was there to watch the …. 🙂

Top 3 songs requested in SCV: ( From the data I collected )

1) Unakkena Iruppen from Kaadal – Even i saw it 4 times on the same day
2) Kaadal Valarthen from Manmadhan
3) Kaadal Vandhal Sollianuppu from Iyarkai

PS :
At last Blogger has made the commenting mechanism simple…