I, Me, Myself

For all these days, I left the “About Me” section in the Blogger Profile blank. I didn’t know what to write there. But, I’m sure that space is not enough 🙂
We can’t know about some person even by reading their autobiography….

Anyway, lemme give a try :

I am an average Tamizhan who is also a Software Enggr. Recently I learned there are many friends for me out there in the Blogdom.

I am a nice guy. A local guy with global thinking 🙂
Hilowitz.com says I am 25% Evil !!!

Name : Krishnamoorthy Karthikeyan
Age : 27
Native : Karaikal – A town 300 kms south of Chennai on the east coast.
Maritaul Status : Single – sometimes Plural (as someone put in some blog), with multiple personalities and wonder, was that me who did it !!! 🙂

For the past 17 years, i am just an visitor to my home. Yes, I am away from home for these many years.

First 10 years – Freedom of Home
Residential School : Navodaya Vidyalaya: 6th to 12th ( 1988 – 1995 ) – No Freedom
College : Pondicherry Engg. College ( 1995- 1999 ) – Partial Freedom
Work : Chennai ( 1999 – till date ) – Total Freedom 😀
What Next ?? – The thought makes me nervous … 🙂

I was addicted to the Books in School days and the to the TV during college days
(even those programs in DD ) and now to the Internet.

If you note it, all these are one way communication…take whatever u like and leave other things without any problem of hurting/arguing with anyone…
I am not one of those guys who will start an instant conversation with a stranger. I am one of those people who observes a lot and it takes a long time to get used to them and start conversation. Once I get good vibes, then they are gone…hehehe….
Ask my friends 🙂

Those were inputs… there should be some way of expressing my thoughts without any problem right :
Welcome to the world of Blogs!!!
( I became addicted to this recently – there so many blogs to read 🙂 , and I am typing this 1am at night )

Luckily, I am not addicted to smoke and alcohol…though I have tried it once …
I know my subconscious mind ordered me not to like those 🙂

I am open to suggestions, but if people advice me to do things their way,it makes me sick!!! Let me see if I can change…
Sometimes, I am *stubborn* 🙁

I am bit sensitive and sometimes ego level goes up and sometimes temperamental. Anyway this will be for short duration only…I’ll regain my original self immediately ..( Is that true?? )

My interests : Almost everything…Probably I need to list down, what I am not intersted.

Sigmund Freud,Carl Sagan excites me, so does Vikramadittan and Harry Potter stories.
Watch MettiOli in Sun TV as well as Just for laughs,Mr.Bean in Pogo not to mention the Discovery channel that I miss here in Chennai.
Interested in Cosmology and astronomy and started to learn about astrology as it is direcly related. ( One day I’ll find out if astrology is about destiny or psycology or both )

Spend time in thinking,dreaming,computer games,watching sky,sea….and also programming …!!!
I like travelling and seeing new places….
Also, there is hidden desire to learn some musical instrument…

Don’t have friends in the fairer sex.(I am not talking abt blog world 🙂 )
Used to talk to them in the same batch, when joined my company … but, then it didn’t work out as I used to think of something even while walking and just don’t notice who coming on the way… Even i don’t return back their smile… ( I found it out later…and they are sensitive u know, and realized it’s not my domain – there are lot other men to please them )
Let me limit myself to the lesser mortals…hehehe…

U want to know what i might be thinking … it might be about my helplessness to save the stray puppy that followed me wagging its tail or about the work I am doing…just anything….

Also, I have some eccentricities :
I believe,I understand what others think and what their motives are.. 🙁 and take decisions based on what’s in their mind, even before they tell me something 🙁

Too much thinking huh..!!! What shall I do ??

I think, this is enough for now….

I am an averange man with some eccentricities….

Thanks for reading till this point…:). Feel free to add you comments ….

I am taking a break – remaining days this month. I want to get back to work and learning :)…hmmm… I know, i can’t leave this blog world…anyway let me try…

and btw,

Somebody, please tell me, how to get a good sleep at night…!!! I get sleep only only after lunch…

Update ( may 19, 2005) :
I get attached to people so easily if they accept me as I am 🙂 . But, I can detach from anyone if I chose to….


Speak what you think today in hard words and tomorrow speak what tomorrow thinks in hard words again, though it contradict every thing you said today.
— Ralph Waldo Emerson

Man is made by his belief. As he believes, so he is.
— Bhagavad Gita