Went for the movie Alexander(Tamil dubbed) – Friday night show. I liked the movie, though my friends didn’t like it. One of them didn’t like it b’cos we watched the Tamil version( tried convince him, that even Alexander wud not have spoken English..but of no use). But, there was a white couple – (we can safely bet they wont know Tamil ) watching the movie 🙂

I catagorise this movie on the lines of Gladiator and Troy, though they have different storyline. There wasn’t much emotional/sentimental touch in Alexander compared to those movies. There was clap in the theater, when Alexander was being shot down in India :)..Also, the Indian abridged version of the movie, gives a false impression that Alexander died due to the battle in India… 🙁

Went for 200km round trip in Bike with Somu on Sunday. First went to Tiruttani Murugan temple, then went to Kanchipuram Yegambaranathar ( Siva ) temple in Kanchipuram. Somehow, I missed this temple when I went there last time. Here Siva represent the EARTH, one of the five Elements -Earth, Water,Sky,Fire and Air. Great old temple…Had a nice time there. There was a cat ( opp the size of Garfield ) in the steps of pond, trying to catch the fishes in the water. It made many attempts; we didn’t see it catching even a single fish after one hour…poor cat…

In Tiruttani Murugan temple, there were so many monkeys happily ragging the visitors and grabbing the bananas et., al, from them. I remembered the following scene from the movie Alexander:

When Alexander and co. comes to India, first time they see monkeys and get amused by them and then goes the dialog – Here it’s difficult to differentiate between these monkeys and the humans …hmmm…

ok…have a nice day…


Boy : …he is the biggest man I have ever seen. I wouldn’t want to fight him.
Achilles : That’s why no one will remember your name.

– Dialog from the movie “Troy”

  • Reticentamour

    >Hi Krish!
    have been catching u with u’r blogs, very interesting…and thanx for coming over to my place…I shall keep coming back here…
    take care

  • prasanna.mansa

    >I see people live in false world by pretending themselves as Hi-Fi & English Pandit. I bet most of the people don’t understand the english movie dialogs to 100 %. But still they give a comments its “bull shit to watch english movie in tamil”. I really don’t understand the logic behind it.

    If Kamal/Rajni can speak in english why not Arnod & Jackie can do it? Is tamil a untouchable/unspeakale language?

    Now a days dubbing is exceptionally good.

    I just term those guys are “pseudo hi-fi cowards with low self esteem & poor self confidence”.

  • Kishna

    >opposite to Garfield in what sense…that he doesnt talk… 🙂 lol…. just kidding Krish…
    seems you had a great weekend. 🙂

  • Krish

    >Hi RA,

    Thanks for dropping bye and for the comments…

  • Krish

    >Prasanna sir…
    Yeah, nowadays the dubbing is too gud, that u don’t feel uneasy….
    but, some poeple won’t like it as it may lack originality…

  • Krish

    >Hi Kishna,

    Had a great weekend 🙂 Thanks man!

    Abt, Garfield.. read it again …
    opp. the size of Garfield and u know why its size is like that 😀

  • E T E R N I T Y

    >sometimes… its really funny to see… neela, mala, rama…name used in tamil dub and tamil punch dialogues used …. timing is good 🙂

  • Prasad

    >hmm, white couples watching a tamil-dubbed english movie :)) I wonder whether they expected the movie to be in English and entered the theatres.. poor couples 😀

  • Krish


    Yeah..iknow.. ithink u r watching .. vijay Jackie chan movies .. 🙂

  • Kangs(கங்கா)

    Y’day I went to Atlantic City, there we were seven eating together, five out of them was Tamilian.
    Suddenly an American comes over to us and talking to us in Tamil, “enna tamizh naada?”, me, “yes”, “how do you know tamil?”..
    “naan poranthathu valanthathu ellamey thamil naduthan”…

    i was really ashamed, just by seeing that guy he looked like a punk with leather jackets.. and leather pants.. all over he came noticing us talking in Tamil..

    but, just as it is I was talking with that guy in English.. Some time it happens…

    when I realized to ask something else he left…

    In USA, lots of other languages, just with English subtitles, people used to watch.. For an example “Passion of the Christ”..

    So long..
    catch you later..

  • Krish

    >Thanks Kangs..

    Life is like that .. 🙂

    take care

  • Kishna

    >ooooooooooo…ok… I get it now… 🙂

    Speaking of tamil dubbed movies…I have to say that they are getting better…. but this one dialogue from Jurrasic Park was just toooo much…It went something like this, “Machi…anga paaru.. oru Periya Palli varudhu (The dinosaur)”…haahaahaa…and I still am not able to stop laughing.
    But these days, i too enjoy dubbed versions….

  • Krish

    >Kishna.. 🙂
    If u want more fun..try to watch the Staturday 9pm movie where the speak kollywood in hollywood movies…:))))

    have fun…

  • Anbu

    >The dialog from troy given at end is great!!…

  • Anbu

    >The dialog from troy given at end is great!!…

  • Krish

    >Tnanks Anbu…

    yeah.. that’s good dialog…

  • Twin-Gemini

    >I liked the Troy movie. I didnt know the Troy story too well before I saw the movie. It’s been take well.

  • Krish

    Troy is a good movie..i have it in my DVD collection…