Top Reasons: Why do I love my Kindle

  1. Rekindles my reading habit: Read 4 books after getting Kindle(4 months back). Didn’t complete a full books in the previous two years!
  2. Fist best thing: Battery life. I need to charge it only every 3-4 weeks time!
  3. Second best thing about Kindle is : Font setting. Set the size which is more comfortable.
  4. Looks like paper. Yes!
  5. Light weight ~250gms
  6. Delivery of books  and magazines are very good via the Wifi.( Whipernet)

What would have made it better:

  1. During page turn it goes to full black before showing the next page. Initially it was annoying. But, now i don’t notice it at all
  2. Wish the books were lot cheaper. Average price is is ~10$. So have to look for other means to get cheaper book 🙂