Another weekend ……

Thiruvannamalai Temple ( photo taken by me using Canon S100 digital camera on 27Feb2005 ) Posted by Hello

It was almost the repeat of the last weekend.

Friday night ,went with friends for the movie “Constantine”(this time English version) thinking it to be some horror movie or related stuff…but ended up seeing a comedy movie 🙂

Saturday, wrote a blog about my confusions and my past, with the title “What is right & what is wrong” and published it…and got a comment from Vijay. As I guessed, he got confused with contradictions of the though placed in that….and then I removed it …again confusion whether I should post something like that or not… Let me defer that for the time being….

ok.ok..Let me come to Sunday:

Mani,Somu,Selva and i went to Thiruvannamalai ( first time I am going there )…Krish is becoming Bhakthimaan.!!!
Not exactly like that..i like visting new places.. 🙂 .Also it is the fourth place in the list of five :
Kalahasti,Kanchipuram,Chidambaram,Thiruvannamalai and then ……. ( can anyone anwer it??).Yet to visit the final one.

Started from the Koyembedu Bus Tesrminus at six am. Bus terminus is just 5 minute walk from our house 🙂 and it’s very convienient for planning any trip around Chennai. Had a good time there.

Finally,I want your comment on this following situation : ( Please note: I am not trying to say, something is right or wrong)
When we were going around the temple, our autowala, showed 5 peaks in the temple called pachalinga. When we were seeing that, a boy aged around 7, came near us. I assumed, he should be living in one of the huts nearby. He said, we can spot the panchalinga from the one spot which was just 10 feet from us . My friends went with him. But, I didn’t go. What do you think, is the reason behind the boy doing this help ?

Have a nice day and a great week ahead!!!

Update 1: As no one seem to have knowledge/interest in te first qn.. I’ll answer it myself:
* The fifth place in Thiruvanaikkaval near Trichy, where Lord Siva represents the Element Earth. Yet to visit that temple.
* Sky -Nataraja at Chidambaram, Earth – Yegambaranathar at Kachipuram, Fire – Thiruvannamalai, Air – Kalahasti

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– Lewis Carroll in Adv. of Alice in the Wonderland