Privilege of Home

Me..going home today!!! Yahoooooo………………
– Need not go out in search of Food,tea,coffee,snacks……
– Watch TV,read books and happily sleep..:)

And, have to listen to mom on what the astrologer said etc., ( Hope I don’t lose temper 🙂 ) . She is very much worried about me, I don’t know why.

Byeeeeeeeeee….I am free from the Cyberworld for two days….


Q: How to make God smile
A: Tell Him your future plans….

  • Sangeeta

    >Wow! Home sweet home! and no cooking to do *Sigh
    We’ll miss hurry back

  • Twin-Gemini

    >Staying away from home is certainly a tough task.Enjoy your time.

    But I remember you as an Aquarian – Aquarians mostly don’t believe in Astrology or for that matter anything that they think is irrational. So do you really care about what the astrologer told about you? 🙂

  • Akruti

    >Okkkkkkkk,point noted,plzzzz ppl “krish ko gussa nahi dilaneka”
    Hmm,have fun at home:))
    and Twin gemini:)) i guess aquarians do believe alot in Astrology:)

  • Twin-Gemini

    >Neelima, Thats surprising to me. Most of the aquarians that I know of scoff at astrology. Although, I see a possibility if the person was born under a cusp (in between two signs) or if the Aquarianess in that person is not quite pronounced – if they were born towards the end of their sun sign.

  • Krish

    >Thanks Sangeetji,
    I’m back!!!

    Thanks Neels and Anand,
    I believe in astrology only if they say good things for me :)))
    Aquarians, won’t accept, they believe in astrology !!!!!