Life after Tsunami….Reality

Was thinking of writing about, effects of position of Mars in the eight house from the lagna(Ascendant)..and probability of finding another person with such a position. Leaving it for the time being :))))

Let me talk about the happenings around our place. Do you remember the deadly Tsunami that stuck on Dec 26 2004 ??. Our place, Karaikal in one among the worst hit areas. By God’s grace none my friends and family got affected by this. (Our house is 2.5kms away from the sea shore – so didn’t have any problems).

People living near the seashore were heavily affected. There a lot of kind hearted people around, and the relief measures reached those people effectively and most of the case, excess( at least in our area).

Now, coming to some facts :
1) It seems, TN govt has announce some scheme to give 5lacs subsidy for 20lac worth load for getting a boat. Now, they are asking, why not the govt. give that 5lac directly to them, and they getting ready for a protest ( Including those who were not affected ).
2) Now, there are lot of marriages going around. Hardly 18,19years old boys and 15,16 years old girls are getting married.
Reason: The govt. has announced that, bride and the groom would receive Rs50000/- each for their marriage, in case it was affected due to the Tsunami!!!

Whatever it is, it is a good sign: they have overcome Tsunami havoc and back to the “normal” human self.


‘When I disagree with a rational man, I let reality be our final arbiter; if I am right, he will learn; if I am wrong, I will; one of us will win, but both will profit.’
– Ayn Rand