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Sunday night, I was coming back from my home town. I got a window seat without even asking for it. Summer has started, you need to specifically ask for the window seat, otherwise you may have to sweat out. :).

When the bus goes through the villages and remote areas( where there is no light pollution ) you get a wonderfull view of teh sky, which is not possible in Chennai :(. Was looking at the stars and the different contellations.

When I saw the Big dipper( Shapta Rishi Mandalam – image above ) in the North Sky, I remembered the customs in some marriages, where the groom shows the “Arundhati” in the North direction. I wonder if they really know the significance of that.

As per mythology(history ??) : Arundhathi is the wife of Rishi Vasishtha.Arundhati was a model wife.She loved and served her husband Vasishtha with all her heart.

Vasishtha is the second star in that constellation. If you look at it in a clear sky you find another start close to it. She is Arundhati. The interesting fact is, these are the most famous and easiest of all double stars ( named Mizor and Alcor ). They both orbit the same center of mass of theirs, and they travel through the cosmos together. Somehow, our people should have known this fact, when they started this custom of showing the Arundhati star.

You can test you eye power by tring to spot Arundhati. It shouldn’t be a tough task to find Big Dipper in North direction. Otherwise you need to use a telescope.

Anyway, that’s not the end. I learned some other interesting fact recently :
Point your telescope at them and ask yourself, “Am I able to split these two stars when focused?”. Don’t be stunned if you see another dim third star.You are seeing an additional companion to Mizor(Vasishtha)…three stars, which are physically related, thus being a trinary.

What does the third star signify…?? Did our people knew a thrid start exist at all, when they started this custom??

Is it the……

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– William Somerset Maugham

  • Sangeeta

    >Dunno about Arundhati, but with exams round the corner, I’m seeing stars in daylight:-(

  • igetthebest

    >HEY krishnamoorthy…. u never checked my blog after u commented on 28th Feb. Honestly… its ok if u read my blogs. U do seem like a nice guy… u’ve got so many blog-friends who visit ur blog regularly. Way 2 go dude!

  • Harish

    >mebbe thats why ‘our people’ ask the groom to show arundhathi to the bride without a telescope!?

  • Kangs(கங்கா)

    >Yes. Krish!! Arundhati Nakshatra is a symbol of unity.
    Always Arundhati and Vashisht Nakshatras are together… 🙂
    Is it symbolizes the friendship?

  • E T E R N I T Y

    >ammi midhichu, arundhati paarthu…. seira kalyanam:)

  • Mithuna

    >Third one, trinary, what is that?

  • Prasad

    >hmm.. thats one info i didn’t know.. thanks buddy…

  • Krish

    >2Sangeeta, well…

    2 igetthebest,
    ooooooo…me seem like nice guy..thank you..u made my day :))..hey girl, i didn’t want to intrude your privacy,..that’s why i stopped coming to ur blog…

    2harish..hahaha…may be that’s tru..!!!

  • Krish

    >2 Kangs,
    Yes. Kangs..thanks.

    2 eternity,
    now it’s time to watch mettioli..loh..lot of work to do…:(

    2 Goki,

    It’s another star….thats it..which revolved around i making sense..otherwise leave it 🙂

    2 Prasad,
    thanks buddy…:)

  • Mithuna

    >I have also read about the star, but any idea about what is its name?

  • Kishna

    >Now… that’s information for me… 🙂 I’ll make it a point when they ask me to show “Arundhadhi” to my wife… 😉


  • Krish

    >krish 2 goki:
    🙁 I couldn’t get the name of that star, even by googling. only the info about third companion is vailable. Anyway it shoudl have some name like : Zeta 79 UMa AB….not a specific name as it is ingignificant!!!

  • Krish

    Don’t try to explain the whole story at that time… :)))

  • Akruti

    >Sky to watch while travelling?that must have been a lovely site:) and i dont know how many of them really will spot arundhati nakshatra while marrying:)) i remember my uncle argueing with pujari that he is not able to see it himself:)

  • Twin-Gemini

    >Although I knew a bit about the Arundhathi part, not in this detail. I have a book which describes all the hindu customs, I think it’s high time I start and have a look at that.

  • Anonymous


    …:)….hii Krish…me came from Swetty blog… nice blog….the picture is really very nice..and thanks for giving us information about Arundhati….

    do visit my blog when u get time…its…

  • Krish

    Thansk Neels..yeah it’s done for customs sake 🙂

    That shud be interesting. Let me know the name of teh book please. Even i want to learn about other things…

    Welcome Noorie 🙂
    Sure, I’ll visit ur blog !!!

  • Anonymous

    >hi kicha,,,
    buddy how do u do man.. long time no messages.. huh…. then how is life going yaar…. gone thru’ the story written by u abt arunthathi.BTW i donot get wat u say please send me detailed story abt this.. please for god;s sake.. and these ppls.. oh god please tell me why so many ppls are without own agenda???? tamizhla sollanumna “sontha velai”” hehe… jus joking (i know u will say that i am jealous of u..)

    do u know something pallu irukaravan pattani thinga than seivan…


  • Jack Sparrow

    >Nice text, mate!

  • Krish

    >Thanks Jack!

  • eGray

    >The stars are optical double stars. Not binary stars. Binary stars are held together by gravitation.

    Arundhati and Vashishta are optical double stars

  • Krishnamoorthy Karthikeyan


    The above links seems to sy they are ‘binary’. If you have any link please send me.


  • The world is not enough

    >Nice one sir!! I was exactly looking for this info.. And interestingly you made a mention of the 3rd star.. Now i have to confirm that with my own eyes… I know what you are thinking..Probably thats why they dont keep a telescope during marriages..;-).. Too far in the future perhaps for a newly married couple..

    It could be the priest or the GOD himself presiding over the Union ..

    All i have to say is that God shows you what you want to see.. Some may also spot a 4th one.. I wonder how many Dhritarashtra saw.. Being Blind He might have used his power of imagination a little too much, I Guess(No Offence meant)..

    Nice reading
    Thanks for blogging.
    (closing on that.. I wonder how Arun and Arundhati are realted??? any ideas?)