Got a gift :)

Team Gift

My team friends S,V, and D gave me a gift : Book+Doll+ a card(see pic above) ad i am moving to a new team. Other than this, I don’t remember any instance where I received a gift. You have to believe it!

The card read : ” You have it in you to make a mark. GO AHEAD AND CONQUER THE WORLD!!!

Thanks a ton to them … I felt really happy 🙂

I don’t have the habit of giving gifts to anyone (of cource, there might be rare exceptions !). But, if anyone collects money for team gifts, I’ll be the first one to give the share. Somehow, this gift exchange doesn’t come natutally to me.
Is it b’cos the environment i was brought up? No one has given me any gifts for my b’day. I remember my b’day only for the past few years- after i came here to Chennai. Before that, I never knew when my b’day passes !!! Anyway, i don’t regret for any of these.
Somehow, I felt living like this is better. I don’t know why.
Still not sure, if I am making/made mistakes – losing the very essence of life.

What else…The weekend went on as usual. Watched the movie “Raam”. It neutralized the effect of watching “thirupachi” some weeks back :).Good movie. Went to Landmart on Sunday. Wanted to read so many books avaible there. Already, I have many unread books in my library. Even than I couldn’t stop my urge to by a Osho book named ” Oru Koppai Theneer”. Haven’t read any of his books yer. I’ll start with this.

While bloghopping, I found this message in some blog : ” If anyone blogs, then he/she must be a nice person ” :))))))))))))

Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.
– William A. Ward

The best things in life aren’t things.
-Art Buchwald