Got a gift :)

Team Gift

My team friends S,V, and D gave me a gift : Book+Doll+ a card(see pic above) ad i am moving to a new team. Other than this, I don’t remember any instance where I received a gift. You have to believe it!

The card read : ” You have it in you to make a mark. GO AHEAD AND CONQUER THE WORLD!!!

Thanks a ton to them … I felt really happy 🙂

I don’t have the habit of giving gifts to anyone (of cource, there might be rare exceptions !). But, if anyone collects money for team gifts, I’ll be the first one to give the share. Somehow, this gift exchange doesn’t come natutally to me.
Is it b’cos the environment i was brought up? No one has given me any gifts for my b’day. I remember my b’day only for the past few years- after i came here to Chennai. Before that, I never knew when my b’day passes !!! Anyway, i don’t regret for any of these.
Somehow, I felt living like this is better. I don’t know why.
Still not sure, if I am making/made mistakes – losing the very essence of life.

What else…The weekend went on as usual. Watched the movie “Raam”. It neutralized the effect of watching “thirupachi” some weeks back :).Good movie. Went to Landmart on Sunday. Wanted to read so many books avaible there. Already, I have many unread books in my library. Even than I couldn’t stop my urge to by a Osho book named ” Oru Koppai Theneer”. Haven’t read any of his books yer. I’ll start with this.

While bloghopping, I found this message in some blog : ” If anyone blogs, then he/she must be a nice person ” :))))))))))))

Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.
– William A. Ward

The best things in life aren’t things.
-Art Buchwald

  • Nth Dimension

    >Two things:

    Wonderful quotes of William Ward and Art Buchwald, esp. Art’s.

    As for not being in the loop about gifting, well, as long as you get the holistic meaning instead of the materialistic meaning, then you don’t have to worry.

    BTW, what is the buzz with Osho and folks there?

  • Anonymous

    >thank you for your words and mail.
    you made my day 🙂

    E T E R N I T Y

  • Mithuna


    The doll is cute, Collecting and making dolls is one of my hobby, hmm I am also very poor in giving gifts and sending cards, but friends know that we make them special by the way we feel about them, isn’t it?

    Is it raining in Chennai?

    Take Care.

  • Twin-Gemini

    >I see the book “Ignited Minds” in the photo. I havent read this one yet. I have heard the Audio CD of “Wings of Fire” which has the autobiography of President APJ Abdul Kalam. Try to read or hear that if possible, very profound one. I usually dont hear audio books, but this one had songs by famous singers (Shankar Mahadevan and Bombay Jayashree) and narration by Girish Karnad. It was very well made.

  • Krish

    >Krish2Daph :
    Thanks for ur comments man! Nothing special abt Osho..i have n’t read any book by him..yesterday i saw a book which seemed to make bought it 😀

  • Anonymous

    nice gifts…doll is so cutee…..I luv dolls….btw you really feel nice if someone gives you the gift…

  • Krish

    Oh! U make dolls..great…send me one please :). Yeah… yesterday it looked as if it’ll rain. We came to terrace to enjoy it..oooops…probably the raing ran from that place after seeing us :(((

    Thanks for the info! I read that book “Wings of Fire”, Audio version is an info for me!

  • Krish

    Thanks :). It’s a cute one !!!

  • Kishna

    >Me too guilty of not giving gifts to anyone *sigh*. The problem is…I cant seem to make up my mind as to what to get them. Atlast, I sometimes end up giving them a card or something. :)…and oh yeah…I am a lazy bum as well… 😀

  • Krish

    So u say, I am not alone :)..Anyway, I am going to change..let me see how it works out 🙂

  • Prasad

    >krish, thats a cute doll… hmm.. so, u r changing to a new team…
    My best wishes for u…. hope u’ll have a nice time in the new team also… BTB, the quotes r fantastic…. 🙂

  • Anbu

    >Its great feeling to get gifts and even greater to give gifts…Although Quotes appear contradictory,they are say the same things-care for others…

  • Akruti

    >Its not abt what we give or what we get as gifts,for me it is the feeling that a person takes so much effort to get u something,and while doing so they think of me and try to see if it is matching to my attitude or not,will it make me smile or thats what makes it wonderful to get the gift:) and u have such a sweet gift there.lucky u,so now leave ur birthday here,will send u a gift:)))))) havefun

  • Krish

    Thanks Prasad..yeah I’m enjoing in the new team too 🙂

    Thnak Anbu…Yep..We need to care for others..I am learning that only now 😀

    Thanks Neels.
    Sending Birthday to ur mail..Don’t come with any excuse for sending gifts…:)