Place : Home, Chennai
Date : 15 Mar 2005
Time : 2100hrs

My Roomie came from his office with a Bread pocket. I was sitting in the computer.
Following is the coverstaion that happened:

Me: Why have u bought bread?
M : I am on diet…..Do u want some bread..
( His latest BMI read : 30.8. I u’stood his problem )
Me: No. U eat.

Then he started eating. Then I noticed, he had two big omelettes as well!

He finished eating and called me. Showed two bread pieces left in the packet and said:

“One full bread packet is OK for diet right??” ( There were about 25 pieces in single packet )

Hmmm…I simply said, “I am going to blog it with your name”. He agreed :). Anyway, he’ll take revenge for this. I need to be prepared.


“If you hold a cat by the tail you learn things you cannot learn any other way.”
-Mark Twain (American humorist, writer and lecturer. 1835-1910)

  • sal


  • Mithuna

    >Wish he takes proper revenge on you, looks like he mentioned he is a rough and tough guy…


  • Nth Dimension

    >I just cannot stop laughing…

  • Anonymous


    E T E R N I T Y

  • Akruti

    >thats so mean of u,now let’s see when he takes revenge:))) but why did he leave the last two pieces of bread,hahahaa

  • nksenthil

    >If this is the diet for your friend , wondering what would be the normal food 🙂 Thanks for link BMI which is good to know on other than humor!

  • Krish

    >Krish -> the women,Goki,Daph,Vini
    Don’t laugh too much..probably tomorrow u might see me crying :)..G.. waiting for that moment..!

    Krish -> Neels : Yep..I know ,meany post.. what to do then. I need to answer him right? I saw him eating the remaing two pieces this moring. Wanted to ask him, if it’s his berakfast starter..then I changed my mind 🙂

    Krish -> Senthil : Thanks and no comments.

  • Prasad

    >hmm, u r in a deep trouble buddy… letting out ur friends secret :))
    as u said, be prepared…
    i don’t want to comment on ur friend’s food habit, cos he’ll be reading it too.. so, I’ll be silent abt it 😉

  • Kishna

    >How dare u say that one packet of bread is not diet. I have been following that for some time now… 😉 lol…dont ever say that again…, ok I am serious…. 🙂

  • Krish

    I know u wud say this 🙂
    When r u coming to our house…u may want to meet him…he’s a nice guy like u 🙂

  • Krish


    Thanks for ur concern. Nothing happened…he left me for teh time being. He is a nice know…:)

  • Mithuna

    >I suspect the addition of the adjective “nice” in all the replies. Are you trying to impress him? Don’t you think this is bad.
    chaa.. 🙂

  • Manikandan

    >Hey u all taliking abt me.,,,

    thanks for the ppl who support me and those for all LOL ppls
    there is famous saying in tamil saying vali enbathu thanakku vanthal
    than theriyum

    keep going,

  • Krish

    >Krish -> G : After seeing ur comments,his lost his temper 🙂

    Krish -> Mani : Haha..they laugh at u for ur “Pasi” not “Vali” :)..I know wanted to give some comment and u have given it !!!

  • Anonymous

    >kicha..Good that I moved out from there before U started blogging… :)) hope lots to come in manis name :)) …

  • Sangeeta

    >A whole loaf of bread? and u say he was dieting?
    * Confused

  • Kangs(கங்கா)

    >ha ha ha 🙂
    It looks like here in America, people order 2 big turkey burgers, french fries large size and finally a diet coke.

    Veettukku veedu vasappadi !!