Place : Home, Chennai
Date : 15 Mar 2005
Time : 2100hrs

My Roomie came from his office with a Bread pocket. I was sitting in the computer.
Following is the coverstaion that happened:

Me: Why have u bought bread?
M : I am on diet…..Do u want some bread..
( His latest BMI read : 30.8. I u’stood his problem )
Me: No. U eat.

Then he started eating. Then I noticed, he had two big omelettes as well!

He finished eating and called me. Showed two bread pieces left in the packet and said:

“One full bread packet is OK for diet right??” ( There were about 25 pieces in single packet )

Hmmm…I simply said, “I am going to blog it with your name”. He agreed :). Anyway, he’ll take revenge for this. I need to be prepared.


“If you hold a cat by the tail you learn things you cannot learn any other way.”
-Mark Twain (American humorist, writer and lecturer. 1835-1910)