Samsung Galaxy SII

I have been using Samsung Galaxy SII for the past 3 months. It’s time to write about the good, bad and the ugly things about this phone. It’s not a review; there are several reviews available on the net which says one thing: It’s a super-phone. There is no doubt about! It’s best smart phone available right now.

What I like:
1) It’s my first Android phone. I was able to use most of the features setting without going to Google šŸ™‚
2) Still pictures are very good : comparable to standalone digital cameras. This is when we have enough external light source.
3) Love the HD video recording. I use the 720p mode. Don’t use 1080p mode as it drains battery and requires more storage.
4) The earplug provided is good.

What I dislike:
Very difficult to find fault with SGSII. Following are some items that I wish could have been doneĀ better.
1) The speaker volume is very feeble. Most of the time the speaker phone option is useless because of this.
2) The default Music player is not so good. I bought Power Amp full version

I am completely satisfied with this phone. Never had a moment to regret the high price tag of Rs30000/-. It’s worth it!
I could not say the same thing with my previous phone: Nokia N95 8GB.