Temporary Timezone shift

Hi guys…

I am travelling to US friday night. I’ll be in Cisco Systems-Austin,TX for 5 weeks and then Cisco-San Jose,CA for 3 weeks. Then, back home to Chennai 🙂

Hope, I’ll be able to catch up with ur blogs on time..If not, please excuse me.. I might be little busy during this time 🙂

Not sure, if I can meet my blog friends out there- No one seems to live near the pace I visit.

Ok..Have a nice weekend…..


Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.
–Albert Einstein

  • sal

    >Take care krish.

  • Kangs(கங்கா)

    Give me a call. I think already I sent you my contact number..
    Other wise send me a mail.. with your USA contact number..
    I’ll call you. 🙂

  • Nth Dimension

    >Hey Krish

    Austin, TX is where M.Subbu is, working for IBM.
    Also, when you get down to Austin, email me your local number once you get one, and we can talk…

    BTW, its not San Jose, CF. Its San Jose, CA. 😛

  • Twin-Gemini

    I dont know your email address. Here is mine – anandvis[at]gmail[dot]com. Send me an email with your number once you settle down in Austin. If you need any help settling down or with things in general at Austin, I have friends over there who can help.

  • Anbu

    >Have a great time there Krish…Do blog about your adventures thr…

  • Prasad

    >Bon Voyage Krish….
    have a nice and safe trip….
    will be waiting to hear the happenings thr.. 🙂

  • Krish

    >krish@the women:

    i’ll call u 🙂

    Thanksda..i called him and got some info!

    Thanks..will send u my details..

    Sure..i’ll update my adventures 😀


    yess boss…thansks!