No adventures yet :)

Started on Friday night from Chennai.Reached the hotel in Austin,Texas Saturday local time. Almost 36 hrs journey including the transit. My team friend and me left the luggage outside and went to the hotel reception. Then we paid and got the keys. When we came out, it was heavily raining- luckily water didn’t go inside our luggage.

Lesson1 : I’m not in Madras.. 🙂
No adventures yet…had many, during my earlier trip four years back 🙂

Sunday, called up Subbu my college classmate and asked for info about shopping malls. Then, went for shopping and bought fruits, milk,bread..etc…
Drank milk without sugar as we forgot to buy it…
I am the one who is teaching cooking for my friend..hahahaha…reviving my cooking skills!!!

Ate bread for today’s breakfast 🙁 Sometime back when my roomie was in diet, he offered me bread. I told him :
“Puli pasichaalum pull thingaathu!!!”

This is the first trip for my friend. Also, he’s a *pure* vegetarian. There were funny conversation at the company cafetaria, when he tried explaining the food he wanted. I can’t write more about him or his adventures…for time being :)))

Here the weather is very pleasant.Can go out without jerkins.
Office is nearby – 20mins walk. It can be reduced to 5mins walk if there is a way to cross the road opp. to our hotel, as people cross road in Chennai. Had to walk to the nearest signal – that takes more time.

Yet to get the phone nums of friends out here and call them.

Some things that are common between Chennai and here :
1) Same homo sapiens sapiens
2) Same earth,sun,moon,stars and constellations
3) Same blog and internet.

Sometimes I get lonely, but it’s nice to be alone.
– Tatjana Patitz