Tomato Shibby Mod on Asus RT-N16 Router

I have been using TomatoUSB custom firmware on my Asus RT-N16 router. It’s a great firmware where you have root access to the device and perform almost all operations that can be done on a Linux workstation.

Recently, I wanted to try out IPv6 and this firmware didn’t have support. On doing some some search, finally decided to go with ShibbyMod. Used the    latest All-In-One firmware : 1.28.0000 MIPSR2-092 K26 USB AIO(8MB) as RT-N16 has 32MB flash.

Upgrade is straightforward from TomatoUSB firmwar. In console -> Goto Admin -> Upgrade. Select the Shibby mod firmware and check the “After flashing, erase all data in NVRAM memory” option.

In  matter of minutes RT-N16 was upgraded! Will be writing a separate post on how to configure IPv6 tunnel.


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    I am looking to install transmission bittorrent onto router. I came across HUAWEI HG556A & D-Link DSL-2750U but found out that they both cannot be flashed to dd-wrt or tomato.
    So is there anyway to install bittorrent onto these routers as they both have USB PORT for storage and some ROM.
    Thanks in advance.


    FYI.. Hardware Specifications of HUAWEI HG556A
    •Broadcom BCM6358 300MHz
    •16MB ROM
    •64MB RAM