Setting up Home IPv6 Network using Tunnelbroker and Tomato Shibby Mod

If your ISP itself provides you native IPv6, it’s straight forward to have an IPv6 network at home. But, most of the ISPs( none in India) do not provide IPv6. The only option is to have IPv6 Tunnel inside IPv4 using Tunnel brokers like HE

The steps to follow:

1) Signup for IPv6 Tunnel broker and create a tunnel. In this example HE Tunnel broker is used.

2) Configure the Client with the steps provided.

If you are using Windows 7 machine the Tunnel can be created directly from that machine. But I want have my router to act as Tunnel client and auto configure the local client with IPv6 address( from the routed prefix that was assigned). I have already configured router Asus RT-N16 with IPv6 capable Shibby mod. Now the official RT-N16 firmware also supports IPv6!

2a) In the IPv6 section update the Tunnel configuration from the info available in the Tunnel broker site( First step)


Tunnel MTU should be configured to lower value if there is problem. For me 1472 worked. The config should be updated in Tunnel roker advanced config tab:

2b) Configure the Firewall settings to respond to ping

2b) In case static IP(v4) is allocated by the ISP DDNS config must be set and update the Tunnelbroker.

Here is the config in my router. Since I use no-ip already for DDNS. The second slot is used for HE IPv6:

The user name above is not the signup user email. If is available in “Main Page”


After these settings reboot the router.

3) How to check if IPv6 works:

3a) Win7: Check the IP addresses useing “ipconfig” command. IPv6 addresses should be allocated in the router prefix range.

3b) Browse to sites like or to validate the IPv6 onnectivity

4) Check if the sites you visit has IPv6 enabled.

Install the Chrome extension IPvfoo

Well, now I am ready for the World IPv6 Launch tomorrow!